Startups who participated to the program


Comments from Startups

  • Ida Tuononen
    Nightingale Health
    Nightingale Health was proud to have been chosen as part of the Fujitsu Accelerator Program.
    The program offers great possibilities through working together and brings advantages for both parties. When bringing new, innovative and disruptive innovations to the market ? such as our novel blood-testing technology to forecast health in chronic diseases - collaboration with established and distinguished partner like Fujitsu is a great asset. The Accelarator Program has been an important step in building our business in the Japanese market and we are happy to continue the collaboration with Fujitsu.
  • Kyosuke Kawate
    PerceptIn Japan LLC
    General Manager
    We were able to increase the value of our micro robotic taxis by participating in the Fujitsu’s Accelerator program. During the program, Fujitsu provided us support that we needed to grow as a startup.
    I believe this program is the "missing piece" to realize mutual complementation. We will need more time to realize automatic driving, but we will work together toward a world where no one is inconvenienced by transportation.

The Program is for private Startups that own products and services developed by themselves. If you are interested in the program, please contact our office.