Executive Supporter

Taeko Yamamoto

CMO, Fujitsu Limited

FUJITSU ACCELERATOR is a program that matches startups with the business divisions of the Fujitsu Group to achieve collaboration through open innovation. Our goal is to provide new values to the world by combining innovative Startup technologies and products with Fujitsu Group products and solution services.

Program Office

Hirofumi Ukita


The members of the FUJITSU ACCELERATOR support team are experienced in realizing collaboration with Startups.
Please apply to the program, as we will make internal coordination with Fujitsu’s business divisions that are serious about commercializationwith Startups.

Participating Business Units

Titles are as of August 21st, 2020

  • Keiji Tomohiro

    Global Marketing Unit
    Global GTM Div.

  • Masumi Sudo

    Manufacturing Industry Systems Unit
    Pharmaceutical Industry Industry Systems Div.

  • Hiroaki Fukasawa

    Manufacturing Industry Systems Unit
    PLM Solutions Div.

  • Mobility Solution Unit

  • Takuma Okuda

    Financial Services Systems Unit
    Digital Business Div.

  • Kei Shimizu

    Retail Systems Unit
    Solution Div. II

  • Isao Nakae

    EBAS Business Unit
    Strategy Planning Div.

  • Osamu Matsumoto

    DC & Cloud Services Business Unit
    Cloud Services Div.

  • Mitsuhiro Kimura

    Network Services Business Unit
    FENICS Services Div.

  • Motomichi Mori

    Cybersecurity Business Strategy Unit

  • Takashi Aono

    Social Design Business Unit
    Digital Lab Div.

  • Masaya Yamada

    Software Technology Business Unit
    DX Software Div.

  • Junji Okada

    Healthcare Solutions Unit
    Medical Solutions Delivery Div III

  • Junichi Ishibashi

    Digital Systems Platform Unit

  • Yuichi Tatsuta

    Digital Systems Platform Unit
    Digital Transformation Office

  • Yoshifumi Oku

    Fujitsu Communication Service Limited

  • Yoshio Watanabe

    Fujitsu Advanced Engineering Limited

  • Naoya Asaka

    Fujitsu Marketing Limited

  • Hiroyasu Mikajiri

    Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited

  • Katsuhisa Furukawa

    Fujitsu Learning Media Lmited

  • Hiroyuki Minagawa

    Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited

  • Ryousuke Oketani

    Fujitsu FSAS Inc.

  • Hideo Shimonishi

    G-Search Limited

  • Shinya Ishihara

    PFU Limited

  • Hiroaki Igarashi

    Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory Limited

Program Supporters

  • Rei Kato

    Design Center
    Business Design Dept.

  • Yuuki Tanaka

    Legal, IP & Internal Control Unit
    IP Intelligence Service Div.

The Program is for private Startups that own products and services developed by themselves. If you are interested in the program, please contact our office.