Our MissionOur goal is to provide new values to the world by combining innovative Startup technologies and products with Fujitsu Group products and solution services.
We aim to create new business opportunities by matching Startups with Fujitsu's business divisions.

Program Advantages

  • Business Head Participation
    Fujitsu's business heads who are passionate about collaboration with Startups are actively involved with the program. In addition, the program is supported by members with various skillsets and also who have experience supporting collaboration with Startups.
  • Various Areas of Cooperation
    Collaboration themes are set by the business divisions of the Fujitsu Group that participate in the program. In addition to industry-specific themes for manufacturing, retail, finance, and healthcare, we are accepting applications for themes by technology and purpose. More than 25 business divisions and Fujitsu Group companies are participating in Season 9, creating a environment that enables to accelerate collaboration in various fields.
  • Sense of speed
    We provide matching support with a variety of Fujitsu business divisions to study collaboration in a short cycle and to develop business over the medium term. We also aim to achieve early cooperation and business establishment by setting a deadline.

The Program is for private Startups that own products and services developed by themselves. If you are interested in the program, please contact our office.