We have just issued "Fujitsu Frontech Group Environmental Report 2022" as Report No.19.
We run environmental business, following our own basic philosophy called "Eco-friendly business activity". This report introduces mainly results and activities in FY2021 among them as Environmental Action Plan X from FY2021 to FY2022.
And, we will make contents and structure of our next report easier to read, following your opinions.

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Front Cover

Our Environmental Priority Themes (Page 01)

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Introduction about "Fujitsu Frontech Group Environmental Policy" based on the trend for global environmental, Fujitsu Group Environmental Policy and Medium-to Long-term Environmental Vision

Top Message (Page 02)

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Introduction from Hiromu Kawakami, President and Representative Director, about "Fujitsu Frontech Purpose", etc.

Corporate Profile / Business Profile (Page 03)

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Introduction about our corporate profile and business profile

Environmental Management System (Page 04)

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Introduction about our Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental Action Plan (Page 05)

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Introduction about items and first year results in "Fujitsu Frontech Group Environmental Action Plan X" (FY2021 - 2022)

Response to TCFD (Page 06)

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Disclosure about relevant information to climate change, based on the framework of TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)

FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision (Page 07)

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Introduction about Fujitsu Group Medium/Long-term Environmental Vision "FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision", and our efforts on the vision

Actions on SDGs 1/2 (Page 08)

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Introduction about our actions on SDGs

Actions on SDGs 2/2 (Page 09)

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Introduction about our SDGs Contribution Solutions

Efforts in Solutions & Services (Page 10)

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Introduction about our solutions and services, including a case study

Efforts in Products Development (Page 11)

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Introduction about our environmentally friendly products and green procurement

Stakeholder Engagement (Page 12)

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Introduction about our activities together with some stakeholders (Contribution to local community, donations and so on)

Environmental Data (Climate Change / Water Resources) (Page 13)

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Introduction about our data on "Climate Change" and "Water Resources", using trend graphs

Environmental Data (Resource Circulation / Chemical Substances) (Page 14)

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Introduction about our data on "Resource Circulation" and "Chemical Substances", using trend graphs etc.

Environmental Data (Value Chain Emissions) (Page 15)

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Disclosure of value chain emissions from Scope 1 to 3 in Fujitsu Frontech Group

Environmental Data (Supplements) (Page 16)

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Introduction about the supplements of each data from page 13 through 15.

Environmental Compliance / Material Balance (Page 17)

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Introduction about our environmental compliance including the results of the environmental measurement in FY2021.
And, the results of "material balance" in FY2021.

Response to "Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018" (Page 18)

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Explanation about the status of our response to the Guidelines issued by Ministry of Environment.

Main Facilities / Sales Offices / Group companies (Page 19)

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Introduction about our main facilities, sales offices and Group companies.

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