Message from the President

In recent years, digital technologies, such as AI and IoT have initiated a change in our life and working styles. Besides, in line with shifts to the new lifestyle, affected by the recent rapid social change, the expectation for ICT is increasing higher than ever. In this context, the Fujitsu Frontech Group has sped up its step to "DX (Digital Transformation) Company at the Forefront of Customer" even further and the entire group is strongly united to provide "MONO (product) and KOTO (service oriented way of thinking)", which yield new connections between people and companies, people and society. Using the advantage of providing hardware, software and service as a one-stop, we will support customers with total services which support customers' businesses with total services which covers its lifecycles.

The concept of the Fujitsu Frontech Group is "Touch, Connect and Change"; customers "touch" our products, then they "connect" with companies and society, so that people can enjoy new services and we can "change" the world. Based on the concept and with our DX, we will realize the society where the people with the companies become more affluent. We will create an affluent and vibrant corporate culture, promote efforts to achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), the common goals of the international community, and contribute to realize the sustainable society.

President and Representative Director
Hiromu Kawakami

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