Airline Printer Solution

Three reasons why the world’s airline industry finds FUJITSU’s boarding pass and baggage tag printers indispensable
  - Reliable
  - Versatile
  - Robust
The reliability of the printer ensures minimum disruption for customers and airports.

Airline printer product portfolio

Products Lineup

FUJITSU Printer 9890S
Boarding Pass & Baggage Tag Printer Module

FUJITSU Printer 9890S

  • World class performance, reliability
  • Compact design to be installed in a machine
  • Expandability for various baggage tags
  • Fully equipped standard unit

FUJITSU Printer 9870
Boarding Pass & Baggage Tag Printer

  • World class quality & reliability
  • Inovative compact design
  • User friendly
  • Remote control for operation

FUJITSU 9870 GPP Roll Stand
Roll Stand with RFID for FUJITSU Printer 9870

FUJITSU 9870 GPP Roll Stand

  • Retrofitted option for FUJITSU Printer 9870
  • Read Ratio is more than 99.99%
  • Assistance for cost-effective investment with flexibility

Boarding Pass & Baggage Tag Printer
(ATB1 / BTP / GPP)

  • World class quality & reliability
  • Innovative Compact design
  • Versatile interface


  • Product Data sheets
  • PECTAB Driver
  • Manual
  • Support Documents

Product introductory movie

  • FUJITSU Printer 9870 BPP/BTP (English)

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