Transform with Microsoft Azure

Transform with Microsoft Azure

Fujitsu Cloud Service for Microsoft Azure

A fully managed end-to-end Microsoft Azure experience

Azure-expertTo evolve at the pace your market demands – and become connected, intelligent and transformed – you need the platform and technologies for making innovative ideas a reality.

Cloud Service for Microsoft Azure gives you exactly that. Its end-to-end suite of modular services enables your rapid use of Azure’s leading-edge features, so you can modernize all areas of your business and IT landscape.

Do you want to transform your organization at the pace of market demands?

We provide you with the full Microsoft Azure portfolio as a platform for modern applications and digital development.
As an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, we enable you to:

Deploy and Migrate
get up and running on Azure fast, and move workloads with minimal risk.

Transform and Build
enhance applications and develop your next great solution, using Azure.

Manage and Maximize
integrate across Multi-Cloud & Hybrid, whilst removing complexity for faster innovation.


And our services are highly flexible and customizable for your needs – so you can get the most value from:

Azure’s Hybrid diversity
with our public cloud, on-premise and edge-based deployment options.

Microsoft’s three clouds
through our additional capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.

Our holistic Multi-Cloud expertise
including our consultancy, cyber-security and ERP software support.

Explore insights, capabilities and best-practices for transforming your business on Microsoft Azure.

Transform as One
How a holistic approach to change can help to build resilience

Organisations today face a challenging time, they need to transform and adapt at pace. Change is iterative and continuous. Transformation is becoming more complex and true change comes from taking a holistic approach - understanding how people, technology, business functions and strategy all work together.

Take a closer look at some of the main traits of transformation today and how to take a unified approach - looking at transforming operations and services; connecting and empowering your people and creating powerful experiences with modern applications.

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Transform as One

Evolve as One. Succeed Together.

Whatever you need to transfom for.. Transform with Fujitsu and Microsoft.

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Transform for Good: How to make your transformation a holistic one

Check out the infographic that shows some of the challenges our customers face and how and where we have helped.

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Transform for Good: Creating resilient
operations through holistic change

The pandemic forced organisation to make changes in a matter of days. The job of transformation has itself, transformed. Organisation need to be future proof. Change will continue at pace and adapting will be the norm. Increased pressure to respond to today and prepare for tomorrow.

Read how to transform operations with Fujitsu and Microsoft with a Q&A with our experts.

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Transform for Good: Transform experiences
with modern business applications

Modern applications – powerful experiences.

Does your application strategy meet customers’ demand and create new customer experiences?

Do you have access to the right information at the right time to make decisions?

Read about modernizing business applications with Fujitsu and Microsoft with a Q&A with our experts.

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Transform for Good: Connect and empower
your people with holistic change

The way we work has changed. Remote working is the new norm, changes happened overnight with increased reliance on technology to collaborate, operate and serve customers and to create a great employee experience.

Read about how to get better connected and more productive and provide a better employee experience with Fujitsu and Microsoft with a Q&A with our experts.

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The need to move…
and a design to get started

We realize that pressure on your traditional business and IT landscape is intensifying. The demand greater agility and lower costs; the need to build new applications and services to remain competitive.

In response, cloud is now a ‘must’ for your organization, but how can you get there? Together, we can assess and build your cloud strategy, using Azure as a key platform.

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Deploying and migrating

Making the move from traditional on premise, towards agile cloud-based can’t happen fast enough… but how can you make it happen safely and securely whilst minimizing risk to live services?

Fujitsu’s Multi-Cloud Transformation Service enables you to discover, migrate and modernize your legacy applications on to Azure with complete confidence.

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Transforming & Building Applications

Competitive services and engaging customer experiences demand modern application architectures.

Cloud Service for Azure enables you to evolve and rapidly build new application capability using Azure features and tools.

Discover how CITB enhanced productivity & reliability through modern applications on Azure:

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Maximizing and Managing Azure

Adopting a powerful platform like Azure opens up a range of opportunities. Mastering it’s range of cutting-edge cloud-native capabilities can be a real game-changer for transforming your organization.

Our Managed Services for Azure provide you with a platform that is well-architected, secure, simple to use, and ready for anything. They also enable you to adopt, use and optimize the very latest Azure technology releases, fast.

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Creating your future:
Get started fast with the Azure Migration Program (AMP)

Getting started with public cloud can be a daunting task: overwhelming choice, organizational red-tape and a host of strategic considerations may be holding you back.

Fujitsu makes it easy for you to overcome these. Using our Multi-Cloud Adoption Framework in tandem with the Azure Migration Programme, it’s really easy to adopt and start using Microsoft Azure at rapid pace.

Find out how Selecta migrated to Azure with Fujitsu and the AMP »

Your Journey ahead:

We understand that the move to cloud is often complex – but it doesn’t need to be a risky, uncertain or unclear process for you.

Our Multi-Cloud Transformation Service makes your route to the cloud crystal clear and enables you to migrate and transform applications on a range of platforms, without worry. Our proven methods, trusted solutions and accredited experts can guide you through your entire Azure-based modernization.

Click below to understand the steps we enable you to take.

ResultsChainBuilding your business case | Forecasting future benefits
Fujitsu Multi-Cloud Transformation - Click to explore
YourCloud framework
YourCloud Framework
  • Understand your business challenges, drivers and outcomes and define your cloud strategy using Fujitsu’s Results Chain.
  • Define a plan to align your business, people and culture, governance, platforms, security and service & operations to the strategy.
  • Discover your existing IT datacentre environment
  • Assess suitability for migration or transformation to a Multi-Cloud environment
  • Recommend remediation actions to support migration or transformation
  • Build Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) profile and investment / rate of return implications utilizing Fujitsu’s Cloud Economics methodology
  • Define move groups and plan the migration
  • Architect & Design, and Build & Configure the target environment
  • Validate the target environment, and Test workloads pre and post migration
  • Migrate to your new Multi-Cloud environment

Modernize your business application, through:

  • Replacement using standard COTS or SaaS
  • Redesign to optimize and leverage multi-cloud environments
  • Rebuild leveraging latest tools and frameworks (cloud-native)
  • Provide day to day management of your Multi-Cloud environment, workloads and application, allowing you to focus on the things that are important to your business
  • Ensure you are getting the most out of your Multi-Cloud environment and are running in the most cost effective way
  • Utilize Fujitsu’s Shinkansen Service Development to continually meet your changing requirements
  • Exploit optimization tools optimize your ongoing service and ensure continuous innovation

Why Fujitsu for your Microsoft Azure deployment?

You’ll get the safety, flexibility and innovation of a global Azure provider with decades of Microsoft experience. We are:

  • Collaborative – Together, we co-create and architect a secure, enterprise-grade Azure foundation to your specific requirements. We’ve created some of the largest deployments in the world.
  • Specialised in Microsoft Cloud – We’re ‘Expert MSP’ accredited globally across the whole Azure ecosystem. We also have specialisms and huge experience in IoT and SAP on Azure.
  • Experts in Multi-Cloud & Hybrid IT – Fujitsu can build, integrate and manage vast range of environments to give you the best of all worlds, including Azure delivered as a rapid data center extension.
  • An end-to-end provider – Cloud Service for Azure covers end-to-end transformation of infrastructure, applications and services.
  • Commercially flexible – Simple licensing for the entire Microsoft cloud estate with optimal Azure rates.

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