Comprehensive security for your Digital Transformation

Rapid adoption of digital technologies helps to implement new and disruptive business models and processes. However every change involves risks – and cyber attacks and breaches are amongst the bigger risk factors.

The very systems introduced to drive growth increase the risk surface. Along with the data they collect to create a more appealing customer experience and a stronger interaction with partners in ecosystems. Based on our extensive experience as global security services provider and digital transformation partner we highlight five key actions to de-risk digital business strategies and securely embrace DX.

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Five key actions to empower secure digital transformation

Security for Digital Transformation - 5 Key Actions

The better your organization is at integrating security as a fundamental part of your digital endeavors, the more likely you will be ready to embrace a seamless DX journey. Make sure that proper security measures are in place – right from the start.

Download the ebook or read on to find out more.

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Download the ebook

Security for DX - The Deeper Dive

Security for DX – The Podcast

Security for DX – The Podcast

Satyakam Nanda, Head of Managed Services & Cyber Security Fujitsu North America gives a brief and concise introduction into cyber security requirements for successful digital transformation. Find out more about

  • What organizations need to do to protect themselves and their customers
  • How to create a trusted environment and
  • Why organizations should work together with partners to secure their digital transformation

Listen to the podcast

key action 1

Align security strategies to business goals

Sustainable cyber security strategies underpin the business. They align its actions with the enterprise goals and ensures the right balance between mitigating risk and enabling business innovation.

key action 2

Balance risk and reward

Your organization needs to work with risk-based decision making. That means understanding the risks DX initiatives pose and whether the business benefit outweighs the cost of managing them. Risk-based approaches enable clear, fact-driven decision making based on the best outcome for your company.

key action 3

Drive productivity and convenience

Make sure to balance acceptable risks against convenience while transforming digitally. Security needs to proceed at the same pace as all the other innovations within DX so as not to hamper progress. Security measures that are built to enable usability are much more likely to be accepted and adopted by your users.

key action 4

Cyber security – secure-by-design

Your enterprise needs to address the challenges and opportunities to bring about competitive advantages while neutralizing new cyber risks. Digital leaders will need to securely adapt their customer experience, everyday operations, and employee experience.

key action 5

Build a secure culture

Don’t underestimate the importance of a security culture. Cyber attackers benefit from a lack of security awareness and untrained employees in the organizations they attack. Make sure to train and periodically re-train employees in cyber security, and embed a sense of responsibility in every member of your staff.

Strengthen your cyber security posture in the cloud

A Secure Framework for Future Agility

Cloud and Multi-Cloud are the workhorses of digital transformation. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data are crucial. Make sure to implement a holistic cyber security policy across all relevant platform.

Download the ebook or read on to find out more.

Download the ebook »

A secure framework for future agility 638x396
Address the Challenges image

Address the challenges

Assess your data flows, sensitivity and privacy requirements to understand your security posture in the cloud – take the necessary steps to enhance it.

Align cyber protection to business goals image

Align your cyber protection to business goals

By co-creating, we build cyber protection aligned to your business goals, as well as addressing compliance requirements and regulations.

Work together with the right partner image

Work together with the right partner

We provide a broad portfolio of security consulting services, deep expertise of managed security services based on products of technology leaders and rich expertise with clouds from various providers.

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