Hybrid IT and Cloud Services

Hybrid IT: your perfect balance of cloud and on-premise IT

Fujitsu Hybrid IT seamlessly blends private, public and managed cloud with existing on-premises IT, to improve business agility, accessibility and deliver better business outcomes. All of this is done within a prudent IT budget, to ensure that your Hybrid IT integration is as cost effective as possible.

With our Hybrid offering, we:

  • Deliver a cleverly architected and seamlessly integrated IT environment with a governance framework that can adapt and evolve with changing business needs.
  • Provide the perfect balance of services to enable the rapid deployment of new cloud based solutions.
  • Ensure governance and compliance are not compromised.
  • Ensure privacy and security are not breached.
  • Enable 24/7 data availability, across geographies and devices.

How can Hybrid IT benefit your business?


Business Growth

  • Digitalize and enhance existing services via the cloud.
  • Develop and power new mobile applications and digital services at scale.
  • Support growth into new geographies and market segments.


Risk, cost and compliance

  • Integrate, manage optimize multi-cloud alongside premise deployments on an, agile, pay-per-use basis.
  • Assure the safety and residency of your critical systems and data whilst innovating at pace.



  • Give users access to services faster, from any location and on any device.
  • Empower IT managers and developers with the tools they need, whilst ensuring visibility and governance of all IT systems.

Fujitsu’s Hybrid IT and Cloud Services

Managed Services

Managed Services
Fully managed services for a range of platforms and digital services.

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Optimize and increase the efficiency of your Hybrid estate.

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Transform your data center and de-risk your move to the cloud.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics
Store, manage, and drive greater value from your data across Hybrid IT.

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Why choose Fujitsu’s Hybrid IT and Cloud solutions?

We have vast experience delivering IT services to large customers on a global scale. As a world class Hybrid IT and Cloud provider, we have the expertise to help you find the right balance of cloud based services and legacy applications.

We understand that the requirements of organizations migrating to the Cloud vary greatly, and so we offer singular solutions tailored to each customer. We help you to work out which services and solutions should be left in-house, which should be migrated to the Cloud – and we make it all work together with a solution designed specifically for your business needs and goals.

Find the perfect cloud services for you

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