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Dexia Hypothekenbank AG, Berlin

Dexia Hypothekenbank profits from a homogenous FlexFrame infrastructure

"The decision in favor of FlexFrame from Fujitsu Siemens Computers was straightforward. The very high innovation level of the technology concept was the best for us." Frank Plaster, IT director, Dexia Hypothekenbank AG, Berlin

Dexia Hypothekenbank AG, Berlin


  • Financial Services

Offering Groups:

  • Solutions
  • Intel-Based Servers

Solution Areas:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning


  • Germany


  • Modernization of SAP® system landscape


  • Optimal utilization of resources for higher availability of SAP services
  • Leaner operation of the data centers means significant advantages in administration
  • Time savings of three hours during operation thanks to accelerated saving of data
  • Significant relief from free scalability of the production entities
  • Processors with more (state-of-the-art) performance
  • Ready for the future introduction SAP® Business Warehouse or SAP NetWeaver™

In the area of the SAP® environment Dexia was due for an investment in a replacement. The five dedicated systems, which covered the 3-level SAP operation, the SAP lead system and a proprietary solution, were amortized and had become outdated. The customer took a long view and chose FlexFrame in order to implement the Adaptive Computing concept of the SAP AG. Dexia now possesses a highly efficient system for the SAP operation. The results were obvious: Resources can be controlled optimally and even at peak load times (like monthly settling of accounts) the scalability guarantees sufficient capacity. The easy to manage system administration is an additional plus.

About our customer

The Dexia Hypothekenbank Berlin AG is a 100% subsidiary of the Dexia Crédit Local. It was founded in 1991as Hypothekenbank Berlin AG and was the first mortgage bank with headquarters in the new German federal states. The fields of activity at the time were the financing of local governments and real estate. Today the bank has 70 employees and concentrates on government financing in Germany. It finances itself through the issue of debenture bonds. The bank is among the largest issuing firms in the Berlin stock exchange. Standard & Poors gives the Dexia Hypothekenbank Berlin AG public debenture bonds a AAA rating and renews it annually.

FlexFrame convinced the decision makers from the start

The decision makers at Dexia were very impressed by the innovative force of the infrastructure solution. That strengthened their resolve to withdraw from a dedicated server SAP landscape, without reducing the security of the whole system against failure. FlexFrame was the ideal solution for the customer to achieve his goals, like centralizing and scaling the SAP systems, shortening the daily administration time, and extending the life cycle from three to five years. The Dexia project leaders felt more secure in the FlexFrame decision-making process after attending a strategy workshop and a live demonstration in the SAP Competence Center in Walldorf.

The basis for the solution parameters was a two-stage analysis. First the complete server and storage infrastructure was tested followed by the sizing of the existing SAP environment. For the latter task, the SystemInspector (SI) analysis tool provided valuable information. These results served as a floor plan for the FlexFrame concept with configuration recommendations developed by Fujitsu Siemens Computers. In order to guarantee the smooth implementation of the project, the systems were pre-installed in the start-up phase in the Staging Center in Paderborn. The 14 day test run with observation and interaction provided the customers, who were on hand, with valuable skills for system operation. The way for the solution integration was clear. The migration of the SAP systems from Microsoft® Windwos® NT V4.0 Enterprise to the UNIX platform, the establishment of a standby data base in a second data center for protection against catastrophic failure and setting up a fast backup solution were demanding tasks which were executed professionally and on schedule.

Snugly packed in one system

The FlexFrame infrastructure for Dexia is divided between two locations - and takes up noticeably less space. While one data center takes care of the operation of SAP 4.6 c and SAP Banking 4.6.3 for 50 users, the other was conceived as a backup environment. The work horses for both configurations are Intel®-based PRIMERGY high performance servers. In the data center with the "larger" FlexFrame solution a total of seven PRIMERGY BX600 servers perform as data base, and central and applications entities. The modular Blade Server has the best characteristics for these functions: It is highly flexible, scalable, simple to maintain and has high availability. With its Intel® Xeon™ dual processor technology it offers the highest computation performance per unit and area. Two PRIMERGY RX200's were chosen for the backup-solution. This Dual Xeon™ processor rack server is as reliable as it is efficient and for the performance it delivers, it takes up very little space. The new operating system, to which all servers are assigned, is Linux. The data base was also migrated: Dexia now deploys Oracle 9i, the world-wide leading data base on UNIX. Filer systems from Network Appliance were installed for the storage of programs and data. The FlexFrame Autonomous Agents software ensures the optimal control and distribution of the computing resources. With clear results for the users: SAP services are available in their full performance extent according to need.

FlexFrame at Location 1 in the centre of Berlin

  • Basis: Adaptive Computing concept of SAP AG
  • 1 x Blade housing
  • 7 x PRIMERGY BX600's
  • Storage: NetApp Filer FAS 270

Backup at Location 2 in Berlin-Moabit

  • 2 x PRIMERGY RX200's
  • Storage: NetApp Filer FAS 250