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Transform with Amazon Web Services and Fujitsu

To drive transformational change in your business, you need a cloud platform with global reach and the power to build the applications and services of tomorrow. And you need it to be fully integrated, managed and optimized with your existing technologies.

Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS provides enterprises with a leading hyperscale platform for hosting critical systems and driving business innovation - with an expert Multi-Cloud & Hybrid IT integrator ensuring a seamless migration and continuous management.

The key benefits

Innovate faster

Innovate faster
Modernize and build new applications, using our cloud-native accelerators

Save costs

Save costs
Drive operational and cost efficiency through our utility-based managed services

Reduce complexity

Reduce complexity
Integrate AWS with existing IT, using our proven methodologies and end-to-end services

Build your future

Build your future
Co-create a clear view of your digital roadmap, powered by the AWS cloud

Our AWS partnership

Fujitsu and AWS enable you to get the most out of extremely powerful cloud capabilities, while ensuring everything is connected and well-orchestrated to drive greater value across the IT & business landscape.

Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS provides enterprises with a leading hyperscale platform for hosting critical systems and driving business innovation - with an expert Multi-Cloud integrator and AWS Managed Service Partner ensuring seamless migration and continuous management.

Explore insights, capabilities and best-practices for transforming your business using the AWS cloud.

Co-creating your transformation strategy

Getting your business transformation strategy right – and understanding the cloud technologies to make it a success – is crucial.

Fujitsu & AWS experts co-create this with you, so you get the perfect foundations for change, tailored specifically for your organization.

Co-creation is crucial for cloud success

Expert insights on cloud and digital transformation from Fujitsu and AWS.

Planning your migration program

Establishing the right pathway per workload, and adopting the technologies to get them from A to B, is only part of the migration challenge.

Fujitsu enables you to think about your migration to AWS holistically – and proactively address the many people and process-based issues that could slow you down.

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Only 10% of your migration is technology

Expert view: Why organizations need to see the bigger picture when it comes to cloud migration.

Adopting and migrating to AWS

Cloud adoption can often be easier said than done. With so much complexity often involved, how can you get the cost, agility and innovation benefits at rapid pace?

Fujitsu offers several routes that allow you to use the right AWS technologies at a pace and scale that suits you – an the end-to-end capability for migrating your workloads to AWS.

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A springboard to cloud adoption

Top considerations and helpful tools for rapid AWS adoption.

Transforming applications on AWS

Modern applications are essential for delivering the experiences that demanding consumers and competitive markets expect.

Whether you are looking to move, modernize or build new applications; AWS offers an ideal platform and technology suite. Fujitsu provides the end-to-end applications expertise, from legacy to cloud-native.

How to transform applications

Insights, viewpoints and expertise for modernizing applications across clouds.

Maximizing AWS

Fujitsu delivers next-generation monitoring within its Cloud Services offering. Through our partnership with market-leading platforms we enable full visibility of your applications and infrastructure.

When combined with the platform’s highly customizable AI-powered alerting engine and analysis capabilities, Fujitsu’s Cloud Services offer a scalable, robust and compliant monitoring solution for any workload.

Intelligently Optimized Cloud

Fujitsu perspectives on leveraging the powerful cloud capabilities of AWS.

Securing Multi-Cloud and Hybrid IT

Despite AWS’ excellent native security capabilities, securing the new cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid IT environment you adopt is likely to be a major challenge.

Fujitsu provides dedicated and proactive cloud security services to ensure your critical workloads, applications and data are protected from all angles.

How to secure Multi-Cloud

Advice and guidance on securing Multi-Cloud & Hybrid IT environments.

Why Fujitsu for your AWS-based transformation?

  • A leading multi-cloud advisor, provider and integrator with thousands of managed deployments worldwide – as recognized in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing & Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services.
  • An AWS advanced consulting partner with extensive knowledge of its services and technologies, underpinned by accreditations for over 4000 engineers and delivery experts.
  • Global expertise in end-to-end infrastructure and applications transformation – from legacy to cloud-native and edge-based applications – using AWS or any other platforms.

Supporting you every step of the way

We understand that the move to cloud is often complex – but it doesn’t need to be a risky, uncertain or unclear process for you.

Our end-to-end service makes your route to the cloud crystal clear and enables you to migrate and transform applications on a range of platforms, without worry. Our proven methods, trusted solutions and accredited experts can guide you through your entire AWS migration and modernization.

Explore the steps we help you to take, below – and get more information on our cloud migration service here.

ResultsChainBuilding your business case | Forecasting future benefits
Fujitsu Multi-Cloud Transformation - Click to explore
YourCloud framework
YourCloud Framework
  • Understand your business challenges, drivers and outcomes and define your cloud strategy using Fujitsu’s Results Chain.
  • Define a plan to align your business, people and culture, governance, platforms, security and service & operations to the strategy.
  • Discover your existing IT datacentre environment
  • Assess suitability for migration or transformation to a Multi-Cloud environment
  • Recommend remediation actions to support migration or transformation
  • Build Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) profile and investment / rate of return implications utilizing Fujitsu’s Cloud Economics methodology
  • Define move groups and plan the migration
  • Architect & Design, and Build & Configure the target environment
  • Validate the target environment, and Test workloads pre and post migration
  • Migrate to your new Multi-Cloud environment

Modernize your business application, through:

  • Replacement using standard COTS or SaaS
  • Redesign to optimize and leverage multi-cloud environments
  • Rebuild leveraging latest tools and frameworks (cloud-native)
  • Provide day to day management of your Multi-Cloud environment, workloads and application, allowing you to focus on the things that are important to your business
  • Ensure you are getting the most out of your Multi-Cloud environment and are running in the most cost effective way
  • Utilize Fujitsu’s Shinkansen Service Development to continually meet your changing requirements
  • Exploit optimization tools optimize your ongoing service and ensure continuous innovation

Want help with a specific part of AWS?
We’ve got you covered. Download our service snapshots:

Fujitsu & AWS Customer Stories

Global logistics organisation

Customer story: Global logistics organisation

Transforming uniform supply with AWS

Environment Agency

Customer story: Environment Agency

Protecting property and lives with an AWS-based flood warnings solution.

Customer story: DB Schenker

Customer story: DB Schenker

Fujitsu’s deep migration expertise transforms DB Schenker to AWS and delivers an innovative cloud-native solution.

Customer story: CTTI

Customer story: CTTI

Fujitsu's rapid migration to VMware Cloud on AWS enables remote working for 40,000 Catalonia healthcare professionals

Customer story: XYZ

Customer story: XYZ

Consisently networked, automated and digitized value chains are needed in order to remain competitive over the long term.

Customer story: Department of Conservation

Customer story: Department of Conservation

Enabling productive remote working during the pandemic

Customer story: International Personal Finance

Customer story: International Personal Finance

A real-life story from International Personal Finance about cloud transformation with Fujitsu, AWS and VMware, highlighting the importance of partnership.

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