Fujitsu publishes its latest Responsible Business report: Concrete solutions to societal and environmental challenges

Helsinki, 09 September, 2020

Fujitsu is one of the few international ICT companies that has local Corporate Responsibility operations in Finland. The company publishes a Responsible Business report of its Finnish operations annually, after the end of its fiscal year. 

"We promote Corporate Responsibility primarily through our business," says Fujitsu Finland's Corporate Responsibility Manager Milla Uusi-Pietilä. ”We co-create technology solutions with our customers and partners to a wider benefit of the Finnish society." 

Fujitsu's customers are becoming more and more interested in sustainability. They need support in cutting  their own environmental impacts. Fujitsu's energy-efficient data centre services, for example, allow customers to decrease their carbon footprint. 

"For us, Corporate Responsibility means concrete actions, whether it’s about improving our own operations or those of our customers," underlines Uusi-Pietilä. She brings up ten examples of such actions taken during the past fiscal year (1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020): 

  1. We created solutions for societal and environmental challenges together with our customers. We built an AI solution called Nuora to predict social exclusion of young adults with the South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote). The cloud service solution we delivered to Proventia Group Oyj, a technology company based in Oulu, is used in their business where an exhaust aftertreatment system is installed in vehicles already in use to reduce air pollution in major cities globally.

  2. We helped our customers reduce their carbon footprint by providing more energy-efficient data centre services. In Finland, we produced local server and storage capacity services by using water or wind energy in our own data centres or those owned by our carefully selected partners. We improved the energy efficiency of our data centre services by deploying more energy-efficient servers, virtualizing servers, and using free cooling.

  3. We improved the efficiency of our product delivery and recycling services, and support and maintenance services. We provide our customers with a comprehensive life-cycle management service for ICT products: all products no longer in use will be reused as such, as spare parts, or as material for new products. During the past fiscal year, 95% of materials were reused. We also work to optimize delivery logistics to cut transport emissions and packaging waste. In our support and maintenance services, we solved more tickets with one customer visit, and we optimized the routes taken to decrease vehicle emissions.

  4. We reduced and compensated for the air travel emissions. We have decreased flying and related emissions steadily at Fujitsu. Our emissions went down by 23% in the last fiscal year and 19% in the previous. We compensated for 40% of our air travel carbon dioxide emissions by supporting a Gold Standard project, which prevents air pollution and improves women’s lives in Darfur, Sudan.

  5. We advanced equal pay between women and men and extended  our family leave policy and practices. We made a local agreement with a separate pay raise targeted at closing the pay gap between women and men. We extended our family leave practices so that adoptive parents also get paid for the first three months of family leave. We also arranged an internal campaign reminding our employees of different ways to improve work-life balance, such as flexible working hours.

  6. We invested in maintaining working ability. We are proud of having a wide age distribution in our personnel and being able to provide a good working environment to people of different ages. We supported our employees' working ability through e.g. an age-management programme and Finding inspiration in work again coaching sessions. We also took part in the Resilient workers in the changes of working life study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, investigating working life resources and preventing burn-out.

  7. We supported young people in their pursuit of education and jobs. We provided young people with information and experience of work life in cooperation with different education establishments and organizations such as the Deaconess Foundation's Vamos programme in Helsinki and Technology Finland's MyTech programme. We also offered internships, work practice opportunities, mentoring and  co-creation workshops to young people, and hired recent graduates to the two-year Fujitsu Graduate programme.

  8. We did 700 hours of voluntary work. Each Fujitsu employee in Finland may use one workday a year to voluntary work. During the last fiscal year, our volunteers e.g. mentored young people, donated blood, weeded alien species, and worked in volunteer fire services. We also organized several activities and events with our charity partners Hope registered association, the Finnish Red Cross, Deaconess Foundation's Vamos programme, and WWF Finland.

  9. We enhanced cybersecurity in the society. We worked extensively with the private and public sectors as well as the authorities to prevent cybersecurity risks. We took part in the TIETO20 exercise for businesses and the authorities and in the VAHTI cooperation, coordinated by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, aiming at securing the operation of the public administration and ICT services.

  10. We paid our taxes in full in Finland. We do not engage in any arrangements to avoid taxes or transfer tax structures abroad to decrease our taxes payable in Finland. During the fiscal year, Fujitsu Finland Oy paid taxes and other levies in the amount of EUR 94.8 million. 

Corporate Responsibility is firmly anchored in Fujitsu's global operation philosophy Fujitsu Way, which was updated globally in the summer of 2020. The company aims at making the world more sustainable by building trust in the society through innovations. 

Fujitsu Finland promotes Corporate Responsibility in five areas, which are the environment, the community, diversity and inclusion, work wellbeing, and responsible operating practices. Local targets are set for each area every year, and a local Responsible Business Board is actively leading and following performance. 

Please find Fujitsu Finland Oy's Responsible Business report for fiscal year April 2019 − March 2020 as well as earlier reports (in Finnish) here.

Date: 09 September, 2020
City: Helsinki

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