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Alta disponibilidad y seguridad ante fallos (BS2000/OSD)

La fiabilidad de la tecnología de la información (TI) se ha convertido en un requisito imprescindible para un creciente número de procesos empresariales. La TI debe estar disponible 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana.

Fujitsu le ayuda a encontrar la solución más adecuada y rentable para la disponibilidad de TI necesaria.

Avoid IT Errors Avoid IT errors and IT bottlenecks proactively

IT failures caused by faults can best be kept to a minimum by trying to avoid such faults and IT bottlenecks in a proactive manner.

Minimize maintenance Minimize maintenance

Operational interruptions caused by the need to run backups, software updates and upgrades, reorganize data, maintain hardware and carry out hardware migration as well as change system settings greatly impair IT availability, let alone the downtimes caused by faults or even disasters.

Business Continuity Optimal Business Continuity

The consistent Fujitsu SE infrastructure concept ensures the best business continuity possible by completely avoiding planned downtime, while also minimizing the occurrence of unplanned outages. It’s easy, efficient and reliable.

Resume IT operations Business resume

If the IT should fail due to a fault or disaster, then it is essential to get the IT operations up and running as quickly as possible and keep any data loss to an absolute minimum.