Fujitsu Digital Annealer Quantum-Inspired Services

Digital Annealer Services

Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer Services

Solving combinatorial optimization problems across all industries

Fujitsu's Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer solves large-scale complex combinatorial optimization problems in near real-time. Delivered as an end-to-end service, it can be deployed anywhere from cloud to on-premises. Digital Annealer is fully compatible with existing architectures and fits into existing business workflows and processes.

Manufacturing gets ready for quantum computing

Manufacturing gets ready for quantum computing.

Manufacturing leaders and thinkers are looking hard at quantum computing to transform the industry. Alliances and projects are already in place as major players compete for position - knowing that this technology changes the game and the prospect of being left behind is not a risk worth taking.

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Reducing the travel distance

Digital Annealer – reducing the travel distance for parts pickup operations by up to 45%.

Introducing Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer deployment led to dramatic improvements in the efficiency of in-warehouse operations.

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Reducing the travel distance

The case for quantum and quantum-inspired computing in financial services

CTOs in financial services industry are taking a close look at the emerging new classes of quantum and quantum-inspired computing.

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Reducing the travel distance

Accelerating Drug Discovery – Delivering novel molecules in 7 weeks

With a 12-15 year drug development cycle costing up to US$2bn, it’s essential the pharmaceutical industry applies disruptive innovation faster than ever before.

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Industry applications

Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer improves precision and drastically reduces the time required to solve combinatorial optimization problems across many industries, including:

Manufacturing / Automotive

Factory optimization

Logistics / Distribution

Warehouse inventory management

Banking / Finance

Portfolio optimization

Biology / Medical

Molecular similarity searching

Retail / Marketing

Personalized digital marketing

  • Optimize routes to destination and fleet management to reduce time to travel and increased productivity
  • Develop and optimize human resource planning according to staff capabilities, availabilities and attendance conditions
  • Optimize factory production lines, inventory or warehouse material allocation real-time based on production requirements and demand
  • Portfolio risk optimization and allocation of funds near real-time to ensure minimum impact due to external factors like economic crisis.
  • Accelerating new drug or material discovery with molecular similarity search in seconds

Other applications include distribution route planning, utilities management, demand forecasting, hospitality management, advanced healthcare, retail, etc.

Fujitsu Digital Annealer End-to-End Solution

Our expert engineers work with you to understand your business problems, formulate and convert the problems into QUBOs, and use Digital Annealer to find solutions. With Fujitsu Digital Annealer, combinatorial optimization problems are solved and become valuable business solutions.

Fujitsu Digital Annealer end-to-end service

Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services

Optimization services are provided over cloud or on-premises with technical and consulting services.

Quantum-Inspired optimization services

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Fujitsu Digital Annealer Cloud Service

Available as a Cloud service, Digital Annealer can be deployed rapidly and easily accessed remotely via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Fujitsu Digital Annealer Cloud service

Fujitsu Digital Annealer On-Premises Service

The Digital Annealer Server can be installed at a customer site for a monthly subscription. Supporting 8,192-bit full connectivity and flexible partitioning for parallel operation and scaling to match problem size and precision requirements. Contact sales for availability of the on-premises model in your region.

Fujitsu Digital Annealer on-premises service

Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer Technical Service

With Digital Annealer Technical Service, our expert Fujitsu engineers will support and work with you on site.

  • Formulation Verification – we begin by verifying that the customer problem can be formulated in a way that is solvable by Digital Annealer.
  • Introductory Support – includes customer-specific proof of concept (PoC) support, definition of all customer requirements from initial concept to required processes, and mathematical modelling for an effective execution.
  • Application Development Support – includes the construction of the customer system in the form of an application that connects to the Digital Annealer service.
  • Operation Support – includes system support, quality assurance, and problem solving during and after implementation.
  • Training – includes both online and face to face formats.
    Basic Course: learn about the features and function of the Fujitsu Digital Annealer.
    Advanced Course: learn how to solve combinatorial optimization problems using the Fujitsu Digital Annealer Cloud Service.
  • Tuning Support – includes parameter tuning support.
Digital Annealer technical services

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Access the most advanced technology to solve combinatorial optimization problems for business. Contact us for usage information.

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