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Discover all local and global information you need right here on our Digital Transformation Hub to understand how to start your DX journey. Fujitsu’s Digital Transformation Services use a human-centered design approach to solve your business challenges, using Co-creation workshops and agile engagements to bring together unconnected areas of expertise from your business and ours.

We incorporate rapid prototyping and proof-of-concepts to deliver fast-paced value through digital solutions that are in context and in tune with your unique needs. Digital Transformation means bringing together a broad ecosystem of start-ups, research bodies, and partner companies to evolve your business.

Our ability to leverage global expertise on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and more, combined with local expertise of the Belgian market, digitally transforms how your business operates.

Data Transformation as a premium ROI

Data Transformation as a premium ROI

While the accelerating transformational context requires organizations to become adaptive by nature, data-driven decision-making is key to allow factual insights.

At first sight, data transformation may be seen as a cost, but a strong correlation exists between data maturity and business performance. Data transformation is the source for business value creation at scale in multiple areas and should be seen as a self-funding investment of high-end ticket for return.

Final call to embark on the digital transformation journey

Final call to embark on the digital transformation journey

As many companies have already embarked in their digital transformation journey, most of them struggle to scale-up the process. They either fail at targeting the actual business challenges and opportunities or fail at bridging these ones with adequate technologies.

Design in Action

Design in Action

Accelerating digital journeys: How co-creation models and design thinking are helping to reframe today’s business and societal challenges — and deliver impactful solutions at pace.

Design in Action

The Digital Transformation Workshop

Work with us in our Digital Transformation Centers using Human Centric Experience Design to address your digital transformation challenges. Your best people and our technology experts work together to spark new ideas about how you can speed your digital transformation journey.

The design sessions can take place at one of our Digital Transformation Centers (DTCs) or we can come to your offices or location of your choice. Discover the full workshop by clicking the button below.

Want to read more? Discover our white papers & case studies

  • Is your Data Strategy aligned with your Business?

    Is your Data Strategy aligned with your Business?

    For many organizations, the recent experience of surviving the pandemic is forcing a reappraisal of how important data is to their core strategy. What steps can be taken to ensure that business leaders can trust that they are making decisions based on the right data and that it really means what it claims?

    Start your digital transformation journey by reading the PAC White Paper.

  • Business in the Community (BITC) Case Study

    Business in the Community (BITC) Case Study

    Business in the Community (BITC) attended a one-day session at Fujitsu’s London Digital Transformation Centre (DTC), where they had the opportunity to explore Human Centric Experience Design (HXD), Fujitsu’s own iteration of design thinking that significantly accelerates the design process.

    Download the case study to read how you can reimagine everyday operations with design-led thinking.

  • Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Report

    Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Report

    Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Report Are digital transformation projects really delivering on expectations? What are the priority objectives of manufacturers in a post-Covid-19 world?

    This global survey, conducted in February 2021 by market researcher DataDriven with Fujitsu, provides insights for decision-making on key digital transformation questions.

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