Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics From Data to Value

Nowadays, data analytics are not only changing the way our society operates, but it also challenges companies and their usage of their data.

Many are aware that hidden value is present in their business data, but uncovering it is a difficult task. It is essential to align your strategy and your data solutions to maximize the impact of investments in Advanced Analytics.

We help our customers to organize and control their data. We turn data into insights. We help embed Artificial Intelligence into our customers' business.

After assessing the maturity of your current data environment, our team will help to identify the best opportunities for your business at every stage of your data analytics journey.

Your opportunities is what matters

With our human-centered approach and our discovery workshops, we are able to understand the value drivers of your organization or business unit.

With a simple flowchart of questions and answers, our expert team analyzes where you stand in your data analytics journey and advices you at which stage to work at first. Then with a series of ideation exercises, we work together with you to translate your key value drivers into opportunities for descriptive, exploratory, or again predictive analytics.

Aware of the diversity of use cases and that our customers do not stand at the same point in their data analytics journey, we propose a broad service portfolio from services on-demand to fully tailored made solutions.

We transform your opportunities in a pragmatic and efficient way, leveraging the right technologies.

Data Analytics as a Service

Most companies investing money into analytics initiatives aren't seeing a return on investment because models aren't going to production. To enable data-driven decisions at scale, the analytics life cycle must be highly operational and seamless. Our portfolio of on-demand services connects all the stages of the analytics life cycle: DataOps, Artificial Intelligence and ModelOps. We transform your challenges into trusted decisions.

Our on-demand services

Advanced data analytics solutions tailored for a perfect fit to your business

Advanced data analytics has the power to transform almost every part of a business, but which solution answers YOUR business need? Using a Co-creation approach, together we understand the challenges of your problem and define your requirements. Then we explore the possible solutions through ideations, prototypes and tests.

Prototypes and tests are executed through one or several Proof Of Concepts for which the objectives are to demonstrate that we can reach the KPIs defined together with the right technologies. Once the value of concepts demonstrated, we implement your solution with the full capabilities and resources through a Minimum Viable Product. The MVP is implemented by our team expert of co-creation with an AGILE approach to fit your priorities, budget and timeline. When the MVP is accepted, it can be deployed into production for a daily use. As an option, we can offer a set of full managed services to scale-up and maintain your solution.

Videos analytics

With our computer vision expertise, we help you discovering insights from the unseen by capturing events with cameras, analyzing them with Artificial Intelligence and building business analytics. Our video analytics enable our retail customers to better understand customer walk-through and dwell patterns, customer conversion rates, route preferences and display & product engagement levels. Our video analytics enable our customers to increase their security by detecting intrusions in forbidden areas, or to increase the safety of their customers and workers by alerting them automatically of dangers.

Prescriptive analytics

With our expertise in operational research, we help you to take the right business decisions by optimizing the combination of your process variables to lead to the best KPIs. Our prescriptive analytics enable our customers to optimize their logistic processes to minimize their delivery costs. Our prescriptive analytics enable our customers to optimize their production lines in their factories.

End-to-end analytics

Our team of experts help you to define and develop the end-to-end analytic platform that you need to become a fully data-driven company.

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    Business in the Community (BITC) Case Study

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    Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Report

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