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Fujitsu: Strategic advantage delivered

For more than four decades Fujitsu has innovated with the ADF to deliver mission-focused information, co-creating new technologies and capabilities to ensure Defence is prepared and ready to defend, fight, and win in a digital age.

Fujitsu: Proud partners to Defence

We’re immensely proud of our long working history in close partnership with Defence and national security organisations in Australia and around the world.

In the decades we have served the ADF, our reputation has stood for transparent dependability. Now we are increasingly known for our innovative problem solving and our ability to understand the strategic circumstances our nation faces.

With our portfolio of highly secure digital integration solutions, we enable Defence to extend its capability and functionality across all five domains: land, maritime, air, space, cyber and information, offering increased agility on deployed operations.

Digital capability is the foundation of modern Defence. Technology has a significant impact on the character of warfare and deterrence, and is shaping the changing balance of power, delivering an asymmetric advantage for technology-driven defence forces. We work with Defence to clearly define problem statements to meet current and future capability priorities.

Our skills

As a large, dedicated defence-ready team across every state and territory in Australia, we apply our unique skillset to support Defence’s modes of operation and decision-making processes. Our long-standing affiliation with the ADF means we have intimate knowledge and insights into the complexities of modern war fighting, and the skills, technologies and partnerships Defence requires to achieve its end-to-end capability goals.

We serve those who serve with passion

Our Fujitsu Force is made up of passionate industry professionals, with many of us former serving members, or have close family connections. Our team’s work ethic aims to mirror our defence colleagues; values aligned, acting with purpose and focused on enabling the war fighter, right to the edge. Drawing on our long partnership with the ADF, we deliver projects with full transparency and governance, particularly where urgent solutions are needed.

Our heritage is Defence

Proudly Japanese, our expertise in working with both Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces means we bring insights and experience based on our active support of like-minded nations that are party to agreements including FVEYs, QUAD, AUKUS, ASEAN, ANZUS, and bi-lateral agreements with Australia and Japan.

Fujitsu’s Global Defence Initiative (GDI) coordinates Fujitsu businesses across the globe to share relevant experience and technology while maintaining strict security classifications. By co-creating and collaborating with Defence to solve problems, we shorten development cycles through global lessons and insights.

Fujitsu’s battle-ready portfolio

To support Defence with enhanced decision making and deliver strategic capability, Fujitsu is focused on three key technology areas.

  • Computing and Network

  • AI, Data and Security

  • Converging and Emerging Technology

Computing and Network

With Fujitsu computing technologies, we enable Defence to access, use and deliver results from the world’s most powerful high-performance computers and quantum-inspired technology. Defence’s networks are a core capability. Designed to keep pace with rapidly changing operational requirements, our secure networking solutions are optimised for difficult operating environments and delivered at official, secret and above secret security levels. Defence’s ability to collect and integrate a diverse range of information to enhance situational awareness, as well as supporting ongoing force operations, is paramount.

We are committed to work alongside Defence to maintain current and develop future networks, leveraging our industry aligned cloud specialisation, and bringing with us specialised capabilities, including high performance computers, quantum inspired and true quantum computing. Our focus is ultra-fast digital innovation, in the right place, with the highest assurance.

Our industry leading capability:

  • Secure Industry Collaboration Cloud – a PROTECTED cloud platform for Defence to securely work together in an enhanced collaboration environment.
  • Digital Annealer – our quantum inspired computer that performs combinatorial optimisation in fractions of a second at the edge.
  • Partnerships with Academia (Defence Research Institute and University of NSW) – together we build proven solutions and fast track real world applications.

AI, Data and Security

Fujitsu AI technologies and advanced analytics enable decision-making advantage. Our technology solutions are highly flexible and can be tailored to any operational requirement in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner.
From data integration and secure asset management to Edgeware and cyber security, our portfolio of data and security solutions ensures data is securely available to provide the greatest value
through resilient systems that maintain the highest levels of security, as well as the safe sharing of information across Defence environments.

Our industry leading capability:

  • Fujitsu Data & AI Consulting – fit for purpose AI solutions
  • Zero Trust integration – understanding the breadth of Zero Trust
  • Product agnostic integrated solutions

Converging and Emerging Technology

Fujitsu is a pioneer in the convergence of digital technologies and is continuing to invest heavily in these areas to develop the tools needed to shape the future for the better.
With the fusion of multiple game-changing digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and computing, in combination with social and behavioural sciences, we create innovative solutions that address complex Defence and force structure challenges.
Collaborating with partners, academia and research institutions unlocks technologies in early stages of development that have the potential to create new capabilities for Defence.

Fujitsu’s industry leading capability:

  • Next generation logistics – through a low-code platform that is adaptable to changing requirements while remaining secure and reliable.
  • Digital Twins - Digital representation that models an entity (disconnected), shadows an entity (connected) or where the digital and physical interact with one another (integrated) twins.
  • Orchestration of best of breed solutions and capabilities to integrate and meet the required need.

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  • A single system for all explosive ordnance management – retire or replace numerous duplicate legacy systems
  • One source of ‘truth’ for explosive ordnance planning and reporting – inventory, financial and operational capability
  • Scalable and portable

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Kylah Limmer, Head of Industry - Defence

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