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Australia is facing strategic challenges on a large and unprecedented scale not seen.

The strategic and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented acceleration in technological change in ICT are further drivers that are shaping Australia’s immediate environment.

The pace at which challenges have emerged and the need for independence in critical capabilities has increased. “Grey zone” activities, and growing regional capabilities including longer range missiles and offensive cyber and space capabilities has reduced the strategic warning time for conventional conflict. This is creating an economic and political dynamism which challenges our decades-old thinking about national defence, regional security and our potential need to project military force in a variety of scenarios.

Emerging and disruptive technologies, expanding cyber capabilities, highly connected systems and social networks, and increasingly educated, qualified and mobile workforces will be leveraged by adversaries to develop unconventional weapons systems. These new weapons have the potential to destabilise and disrupt supply chains, critical infrastructure, support services, political systems and societies as a precursor to conventional conflict.

Re-invigorating The Quad, the advent of AUKUS, accelerated design and procurement of defensive and offensive systems and platforms across Navy, Army, Air Force, and workplace reform to achieve an integrated, mobile and agile workforce incorporating the ADF, APS, industry and other partners are all responses to Australia’s new strategic reality.

At every level, the creation, deployment and management of data and technology is vital for securing Australia’s interests. Data and enabling technologies underpin strategic capability, force operations and in theatre effectiveness and ultimately the outcome of passive or active conflict.


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Fujitsu as a strategic Australian Defence Force asset

Fujitsu in Australia has a long history of delivering, supporting and maintaining systems for the Australian Defence Force across Army, Navy and Air Force. Further, our people have been part of Defence’s integrated workforce bringing additional skills, experience, insight and diverse thinking to the Defence enterprise.

We understand the impact rapidly emerging technology, increased collaboration and cyber capability is already having and will continue to have on defence and warfighting capability.

This is demonstrated by Fujitsu’s status as a strategic vendor to the ADF. We draw on local knowledge and global best practice, working with like-minded militaries in democratic and synergistic nations to deliver an information advantage that is unified across land, air, sea, cyber & space.

We think bigger than single projects or individual services or agencies. We connect across the project and program elements we deliver to Defence capturing efficiency, experience and improving outcomes.

At the same time, we offer deep expertise from within our four focus portfolios, giving the ADF access to our global know-how, advanced research, security-rated specialists and consultants.

Through Fujitsu’s Global Defence Initiative (GDI) we can leverage experience, leading technology and research to deliver expert insight, solutions and advice from across the Fujitsu Group via multiple Centres of Excellence in the United Kingdom (UK) and Japan.

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WorkLife Services

Workforce and Workspace Services

Fujitsu has been pioneering remote and mobile workforce solutions well before COVID-19 made it a general necessity. We understand that an effective defence force must be agile, draw from full-time and part-time employees and interface seamlessly and securely with Defence industry and partners.

Our solutions combine the world’s leading digital workplace technology vendors with our unique insights and knowledge gained from supporting defence organisations around the world. This extends to accelerated co-design of solutions, agile methodologies for enablement, advanced data and information management, ITIL and enterprise architecture and service design.

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Multi-Cloud Services

Fujitsu’s extensive suite of services include provisioning, migrating, supporting and optimising highly secure cloud environments.

In a defence environment we understand that cloud can be a double-edged sword. On one hand it offers speed, flexibility and portability of critical applications. At the same time, inherent in the design of cloud are attack surfaces which must be protected and mitigated against.

Our “right cloud for right workload” approach delivers innovation, speed and agility of hyper scale clouds, while blending with private and existing platforms for enhanced performance, security and regulatory compliance. Our approach is perfectly suited for military environments and for this reason is leveraged by several defence forces around the world.

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Data and Application Services

Data and Applications

Modern defence force planning and operations rely on applications delivering everything from finance functions, logistics planning, intelligence, equipment maintenance and human capital management to real-time battle-space command and control.

The collection and control of critical data streams to support timely and accurate decision making in every facet of ADF operations is a strategic priority. The right data provided to the right people at the right time to enable the warfighter.

Fujitsu creates, manages and optimises data and applications with this unique requirement in mind. We modernise and harden legacy applications, migrate them to cloud or hybrid environments, create decision-support systems around intelligent data analytics and design applications that will serve the ADF into the future.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyberspace is the fourth battlespace, and offensive and defensive effectiveness is directly related to information superiority and interoperability. The detection and thwarting of cyber incursions, protection of military and civilian information, interdicting attempts to interfere in government, protecting critical national infrastructure and blocking attempts to dampen military effectiveness are just some of the ways Fujitsu supports friendly defence forces around the world.

Our security consultants, technology specialists and managed security support teams can bolster the ADF’s capability and can be scaled and deployed to meet a range of strategic and tactical requirements in a fast-evolving security environment.

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COMSARM Brochure

  • A single system for all explosive ordnance management – retire or replace numerous duplicate legacy systems
  • One source of ‘truth’ for explosive ordnance planning and reporting – inventory, financial and operational capability
  • Scalable and portable

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Kylah Limmer, Head of Industry - Defence

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