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  5. Fujitsu cloud operates the new webcam surveillance system at Canberra Hospital

Fujitsu cloud operates the new webcam surveillance system at Canberra Hospital

"We’ve had visits from lots of hospitals to see the webcam solution for themselves and the overwhelming feedback is that they love it. It’s an intuitive, user-friendly and secure way of bringing parents and baby together over long distances."

Belinda Connors, NICUCAM Project Officer, ACT Health Directorate

The customer

Canberra Hospital is located in Garran in the Australian Capital Territory, housing 672 beds and catering to a population of about 550,000. It was formed when the Woden Valley Hospital and the Royal Canberra Hospital were amalgamated in 1991, and was renamed the Canberra Hospital in 1996. The institution acts as a teaching hospital for the Australian National University Medical School and the University of Canberra’s School of Nursing.

The challenge

In 2008 Canberra Hospital implemented an in-house webcam system in its neonatal intensive care unit to help reduce parental stress but it was clunky, not intuitive and lacking certain safety features. In 2015 the hospital wanted to deploy a more dynamic, automated solution that would offer greater flexibility, reliability and a better experience for the parents.

The solution

The hospital worked with Fujitsu and ADTEC to design a secure, user-friendly webcam solution that would be streamed via the Fujitsu Cloud to authorised viewers anywhere.

The benefit

  • Camera feeds can be dynamically provisioned, ensuring the right baby is on show, increasing safety
  • New features allow parents to upload or download pictures, add specific baby info and blog
  • Solution has suffered zero downtime since installation, so parents can always virtually connect with their baby
  • Solution enables outreach teaching to regional hospitals, facilitating the exchange of knowledge to improve the care and treatment of new born babies

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