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Metricon Stadium launches a performant high-speed wireless area network

"We’re deepening the relationship between ourselves, our partners and our patrons for a richer overall experience. That will not only bring in new customers but also create new revenue streams"

Paul Pamenter, COO, Gold Coast Suns Football Club

The customer

Metricon Stadium is located in the Carrara Sporting Complex (CSC) and is an iconic structure on Australia’s Gold Coast. Jointly funded by the Queensland Government, Commonwealth Government, Gold Coast City and the AFL, it is a multipurpose facility that currently seats 25,000 spectators with plans to extend it to 40,000 seats in the future. The stadium features an AFL oval and also hosts ICC cricket matches, concerts, festivals, IAAF athletics events and FIFA World Cup soccer matches.

The challenge

Metricon Stadium wanted to lead the field in offering high-speed Wi-Fi access across the entire arena. This would enable it to offer value-added services and enhance the patron experience.

The solution

Existing stadium partner, Huawei, recommended Fujitsu should act as the chief systems integrator and project manager. Over the course of six months, the organisations together deployed over 300 access points throughout the stadium.

The benefit

  • Patrons can now enjoy speeds of up to 0.5 mbps from any location within the stadium
  • Enables access to instant replays of match footage for richer viewing experience
  • Able to connect directly with its customer base via a new app that offers personalised content for added value and new revenue streams
  • Can collect personal data and encourage ticket sales through customised discounts and offers


Read the full Metricon Stadium case study (234 KB/A4, 2 pages)