Together with our partner BWO and the PalmSecure™ palm vein scanners from Fujitsu, we were able to implement a secure and comfortable authentication concept for access to buildings, IT systems and printers.

Steve Erzberger, Group CTO Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft
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Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft

Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft uses the PalmSecure™ palm vein scanning technology from Fujitsu for secure access to rooms, IT systems and printers.


Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft is “the private bank” within Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, one of the world’s largest financial groups. Headquartered in Zurich, it has a subsidiary in Frankfurt am Main as well as the only multi-family office within Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe: Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft Family Office AG.


Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft wanted to increase its security and went looking for a new and unified authentication solution for access to buildings and rooms, such as those at its headquarters in Zurich (photo) as well as for identification on IT systems and printers.


The bank’s partner BWO Systems AG and Fujitsu jointly developed a customized security concept based on Fujitsu’s PalmSecure™ technology. This contactless biometric authentication solution permits particularly secure identification and easy employee administration.


  • Particularly high security through the biometric detection of palm vein patterns and strong encryption
  • Comfortable, uniform and hygienic authentication at doors, workstations and printers
  • Compliance with all security regulations for banks in the area of access control
  • Uniform and centrally administered security concept relieves IT staff workload and lowers process costs

Download Full Case Study PDF

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