Insight: Transform to
the workplace of
tomorrow in Thailand

In our recent Fujitsu survey, Co-creation for Success, we questioned business leaders from across 16 countries to discover the drivers of business success - including the power and impact of people.

Our Thailand research findings are illuminating. They reveal that within Thailand business leaders prioritize their ‘human’ assets above all else. Indeed, people are such an important driver to business success that:

  • 90% advised employee happiness as intrinsic to business success
  • 66% stated that it’s their duty to improve employees’ lives

However, despite the importance of people, the failure to modernize and deliver a digital workplace environment was resulting in reduced employee engagement.

Of those leaders questioned 64% admitted losing valued employees due to their feeling of being stifled in their working environment, and 84% advised experiencing skill shortages which they said must be ad-dressed for future business success.

To this end, Thai business leaders are looking to digital technology to help them adapt - with 100% stating that the ability to change within the next three years will be vital to their future success.

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