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Data Analytics may be nothing new, but today we can go faster and deeper with data than ever before

With Fujitsu’s holistic approach focuses on delivering business outcomes to solve today's business challenges and take advantage of the new opportunities that digital technology offers. Not just implementing technology, we help organizations build a roadmap for new ways of working and use pilots to prove the benefits can be realized and expand to the full-scale of data driven organization.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

Business Perspective:

How can we adapt to the ever increasing amount of data available within our own organization and be more responsive to our customers in order to grow our business? How do we keep our business ahead of the competition in an increasingly agile marketplace?

Finance Perspective:

How can we grow revenues while maintaining the cost base, drive a greater return on the resources we have?

IT Perspective:

How do we enable access to the knowledge within the data we have to drive business benefits without the need for expensive IT infrastructure and personnel?

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Value Chain

Data Analytics

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The future of Data Driven Organization


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The Biggest Benefits of Being a data driven organization

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Data Analytics Services

Data analytics helps businesses convert their raw business data into actionable insights. Fujitsu has been helping companies make data-driven decisions in this fast changing environment by rendering a full set of data analytics services.

Fujitsu’s customer-centric strategy aims to provide value based services on a solid understanding of customer objective and outcome. With our strong capability in project management and our commitment to achieve project success, we have applied our excellent skills of project management into data analytics services providing to our customers.

We pay attention to Business Driven Technology. Therefore our data analytics team are required to understand customers business process in order to apply the practical technology to align with customers’ outcome.


Focus Areas

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Suggestion Ordering
  • Anomaly detection
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Etc

Data Analytics Consulting

  • Expert consultants and specialist in  AI Data analytics in Thailand and supported by Global Delivery Team

Project Management

  • Excellent applying Project Management to Data Analytics Project


  • Data Analytics Workshop
  • Alteryx Designer Course
  • Alteryx Server Course

Data Analytics Team



Our Experiences

Data Analytics in Demand Forecasting

Combine Data Analytics solution with your business model and data can generate the precise business strategy and action plan to figure out what to buy, what to produce and what to sell in each period.

Data Analytics in Chemicals Engineering

Apply Data Analytics to Boost productivity, reduce costs, and increase profit from your data and various factors in chemical engineering to get better quality of products and business outcome.

Data Analytics in Predictive Maintenance

Connected you data from machine, sensor, robot and device including transaction data and knowledge with data analytics solution to prevent the lost of production downtime.



Country of operation In Thailand and Myanmar

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