Data Loss Prevention – understanding the issues

In the new digital age, a vast amount of data is created, collected and shared every day, and organizations have a responsibility to effectively manage and protect this data, keeping it safe from loss, threat and attack.

Data means different things to different organizations, however, whether it’s credit card details held by retailers, research findings held by pharmaceutical companies, health records held by care providers, or military blueprints held by defence contractors, the end result is the same - security breach and data loss can have catastrophic implications.

Data loss can damage your brand reputation, reducing both public and shareholder confidence. With the introduction of new EU legislation such as GDPR in May 2018, there will also be massive financial implications to consider too, making it more imperative than ever to get your security right.

Where is your organization on the data protection spectrum?

Whatever data you generate or collect, if it’s of value to your business and to others it needs to be protected and kept safe from loss or attack. So what data protection stage is your organization at?

Advice from Fujitsu experts

With over 40 years working in the field of IT security, we have a wealth of experience to support our customers to protect their data properly. With our consulting services, professional services and managed security services we help you assess risks and overcome issues should data loss occur.

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