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Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Solutions

In today’s world, disruption is constant and ubiquitous. The need for organizations to continuously adapt, respond and evolve at pace is more crucial than ever before – and cloud is the enabler for success. It gives you the foundation to provide:

  • Connected: Future-proof business operations that are highly available, scalable and agile
  • Intelligent: New ways of working that are cost-efficient, productive and user-friendly
  • Transformed: Seamless customer experiences that are competitive, personalized and differentiated

A ‘right cloud’ approach with data at its heart allows you to achieve these outcomes whilst overcoming underlying challenges and concerns such as governance, security and control. Increasingly, Hybrid Cloud deployments – combining public, private and on-premise platforms – are an ideal answer for realizing cloud benefits without compromise.

Top key drivers for Hybrid Cloud adoption based on Fujitsu expertise and extensive research:

Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Solutions
Research Report: The Hybrid IT Platform Imperative
Building a solid systems foundation for digital transformation – a worldwide survey of 800 IT professionals. As cloud adoption gains pace we reveal an emerging trend towards Hybrid Cloud adoption as the main operating model for enterprises looking to achieve agile, scalable business centered on customer experience.

Choosing the right solution

We understand that key concerns which influence this decision are:

  • gaining the richest functionality for hosting, modernizing and development
  • maximizing ROI and scale through right-sized workloads with increased portability
  • complying with data sovereignty, security and industry regulation requirements
  • optimizing application performance and reducing system latency
  • integrating and managing distributed systems and data with different needs
Deployments demystified: Single, Multi or Hybrid Cloud?

In some cases, a single public cloud may be the answer, but, with so many conflicting requirements, transitioning everything to this model is not feasible for many organizations. An alternative option may be multi-cloud, where several leading clouds are deployed alongside each other. This model is on the rise, with many organizations wanting to utilize the rich functionality of hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to accelerate their digital business.

Either way, as you make the transition from a traditional IT model towards cloud-first or cloud-only, and attempt to address any underlying concerns thereafter, a hybrid deployment is likely to be the ideal approach for your applications, workloads and data.

No matter where you are on your journey to Hybrid Cloud, we can deliver a unified solution. Our global end-to-end expertise, extensive portfolio and leading partnerships enable you to:

  • perfect your future strategy and build your cloud environments
  • migrate, transform and build applications across cloud platforms
  • secure, manage and optimize a distributed cloud landscape

Through our services, platforms and products – including our PRIMEFLEX portfolio for hybrid–enabled converged and hyper-converged infrastructures – we help you to identify and build the perfect solution for your unique needs. We work with you to move and modernize workloads where they are best suited and make it possible to transition as quickly, painlessly and cost-effectively as possible.

Discover our advice and solutions for each stage of your journey:

We begin by undertaking Cloud Readiness and Assessment to help you:

  • understand your environment - connections, dependencies and risks
  • understand the value of your moving/transforming to cloud
  • project/forecast the business value of moving/transforming through the likes of Results Chain as well as TCO profile and Cloud Economics
  • know what should move, where to, what with (move groups) and when
  • create a roadmap forward

The most successful transformations are enabled through co-creation powered with a network of expert partners. Using our business and technical expertise, together we build your ideal target environment for your various applications, workloads and data – across ‘edge, core and cloud’.

The result is a personalized Hybrid Cloud solution that combines and integrates private and public platforms with your existing traditional infrastructure. It’s all based on your challenges and target outcomes - which aspects should remain on-premise and the platforms on which others should be moved, modernized or re-built.

As experts across hybrid and multi-cloud, we can blend and deliver platforms from AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Nutanix, VMware, RedHat, SAP and more.


‘Lifting and shifting’ workloads to the Cloud can only achieve so much. To achieve more business value, it’s essential to combine this with application transformation in the Cloud and use its features to build new functionality, products and services.

Using our integrated capabilities, we allow you to combine these approaches for the best effect. We enable you to re-host and re-platform, as well as rebuild and replace, by maximizing a range of modern platforms and leveraging intelligent business applications or ‘off-the-shelf’ SaaS, to underpin your transformation.

  • Our applications expertise is supported by our heritage in provisioning, server, storage, security, and networking.
  • We understand that workload mobility is essential, whether you’re looking to migrate from on-premise towards public cloud or move in the opposite direction.
  • We can help you to bring a public cloud experience to on-premise as part of your evolution, through Azure Stack for example, or take on-premise familiarity into your new cloud estate, like with VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Migration and Transformation

Despite many platforms having security ‘built-in’, securing a diverse environment with distributed applications, data and services can be a huge challenge. Our comprehensive security consulting services unify security across your entire Hybrid Cloud environment to ensure they are always protected. We help you to:

  • get your cloud security approach right – through thorough assessment consulting
  • build intrinsic security – through correctly configuring and using cloud-native security controls on your new platforms
  • stay ahead of vulnerabilities and threats – through overarching cross-cloud security services, as well as 360 threat monitoring and proactive intervention

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The co-existence of cloud (or multiple clouds) alongside on-premises IT. We offer ‘full-lifecycle’ services for managing, integrating and optimizing your estate – including:

  • end-to-end managed services for AWS, Azure, Oracle, SAP and VMware
  • application and data management across all distributed platforms
  • cross-cloud and single cloud self-service – including AWS and Azure native portals
  • cost control and optimization including CloudHealth from VMware
  • continuous integration and delivery as your needs and technologies evolve

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Management and Optimization

Looking to combine best-of-breed cloud platforms?

Explore our multi-cloud services here.
The WHY & HOW of choosing the right workload for cloud migration
The WHY & HOW of choosing the right workload for cloud migration

In the age-old debate about who is really in control in any situation, I subscribe to the view that it doesn’t matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full - as long as you’re the one doing the pouring.

Hybrid cloud – finding the optimal balance
Hybrid cloud – finding the optimal balance

Over time the “cloud hype” has gradually given way to pragmatism. But this year was truly unique when it comes to learning for companies like us and for organizations driving digital transformation.

Do you have the right cloud for the right workload?
Do you have the right cloud for the right workload?

Last year was a litmus test for IT strategies. Many enterprises had to work hard to strengthen their digital resilience.

Avoiding ‘Multi-Cloud Monsters’
Avoiding ‘Multi-Cloud Monsters’: care and caution needed as your priorities evolve

The emergent challenges of the last few months have seen cloud technologies and services being adopted at an even faster pace than before.

Deploy in hours, scale in minutes with a blended ecosystem approach to cloud
Deploy in hours, scale in minutes with a blended ecosystem approach to cloud

Fujitsu’s partnership with VMware and AWS gives organizations rapid results from cloud migration, says Paul Kember, Head of Global Strategic Alliances for EMEIA.

Multi-Cloud – Business innovation, technical challenges
Multi-Cloud – Business innovation, technical challenges

With the rise of the cloud, a lot of businesses are changing their game. New business ideas are born and are now getting faster realized than a few years ago.

The Hybrid IT imperative
Infographic: The Hybrid IT imperative (FFD)

Your one-stop-shop for Hybrid Cloud vision
Your one-stop-shop for Hybrid Cloud vision

Top 10 questions to answer
Top 10 questions to answer when going hybrid
how to tackle the workload placement dilemma
Hybrid IT: how to tackle the workload placement dilemma
Integrated systems and the wandering workload
Integrated systems and the wandering workload
Easily build a hybrid SAP world
Brochure: Easily build a hybrid SAP world


Back to the Future with Distributed IT

Building a data-driven intelligent enterprise

Hybrid IT - What is it all about

Co-creating Your Multi-Cloud

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