Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Ananda Development chose Fujitsu’s solutions to enhance organization's operations

Ananda Development Public Company Limited is a leading developer of condominium projects in high-potential locations near public mass transit systems.

There were many projects developed since the first project opened in 2007 with the combination of style, modernity and outstanding quality at reasonable prices that made "Ananda" to be one of the most well-known developers in Bangkok and strived to develop an image of the organization along with incessantly presenting the answer of being a new style of urban lifestyle.

Business Challenges

It’s so challenging in Real Estate’s business nowadays while the price of land is rising more expensive and scarcer. Making a differentiate in both products and services quality is particularly important and needed.

When Ananda moved its new office to Ananda Campus in 2016, they used technology to enable better collaboration and services to its customers and help generate a new business opportunity in the future.


During the design of Ananda Campus, they explored the number of required meeting rooms to serve them effectively that was required by a system to help book the meeting room.

Ananda worked with Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to design a system to serve employees on booking a meeting room through a kiosk screen and mobile application.

Ananda also adopted Microsoft 365 because it worked well with multiple devices and existing cameras, including email, Microsoft Teams, and Skype as a primary video communication tool both in Thailand and abroad.

In addition, Fujitsu supported IT Outsourcing Services to Ananda as well.


Technologies provided by Fujitsu was not only helping increase on working efficiency, be better collaboration and improve operational efficiency but it helped reduce IT management workload at Ananda as well.

In addition, which made Ananda fully focusing on business operations, increasing better image, and leveling up to becoming a Tech Company.

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