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In today’s world companies are facing new challenges, new disruptive entrants are flooding into established markets, threatening incumbent players. At the same time, new opportunities are appearing as entirely new markets emerge. As a result the pressure for organizations to become more agile, more market driven and response to changes in customer demands is growing – the answers is to embrace change and disrupt rather than be disruptive.

Companies have to drive for agility and innovation, while leveraging exciting developments in technology to embrace new models and opportunities.

This is why applications transformation is so critical – because it is these that ultimately enable the business to operate for today and change for tomorrow.

Applications transformation is the glue that brings IT and the business together – to transform.

To achieve successful transformation, both these areas need to be addressed.

At Fujitsu we understand the true value in of Applications Transformation, therefore we offer End-to-end services for transforming and optimising customer’s application, business processes and services landscape in order to enable:

  • Business Innovation: Unlocking opportunities for ongoing competitive advantage, establishing new business models to target markets, attract customers, and launch products and services.
  • Customer Experience: Attracting, engaging and delighting customers –face-to-face, across multiple channels and through intermediaries.
  • Enterprise Productivity: Empowering employees to work in new ways and become more productive, through flexible organizational models and automated processes, enabled by adaptive technology.
  • Wellbeing and Compliance: Ensuring the wellbeing of your customers, employees and partners, and remaining legal and compliant, to safeguard your reputation and protect your bottom-line.

It’s our mission to help you do just that in each of them– quickly and smartly. We work with customers in each of the domains to enable digital transformation and ensure that you get the right processes and technologies to suit your objectives and culture. And if your culture needs to change – we’ll tell you and help you change it.

Getting this right begins at the application layer – because it is applications that support the ‘enabling’ business processes to deliver against these objectives.

Read more about Fujitsu’s end-to-end approach to applications transformation that takes you from understanding your applications environment today to delivering an agile environment for tomorrow.

Reshape your Applications

Organizations need to fully exploit the functionality of their legacy investments while rapidly creating new capabilities to generate new opportunities. Our Application Transformation Services empower our customers to reshape themselves for a changing world, enabling you to deliver real value into the business on a continuous basis.

Co-creating with Fujitsu - overcoming the complexity of application transformation.

At Fujitsu, we take a consultation-led approach to application transformation. We work with you to assess your applications estate and co-create a transformation strategy aligned to your business goals - whether that’s to reduce TCO, optimize ROI, digitize, reduce complexity, or disrupt your industry.

Your business goals are our business goals

Co-create and envision

Co-create and

Leverage data

Leverage data and
drive business value

right strategy

Apply the right



Our application transformation services cover all stages of the application lifecycle; from identifying new business outcomes and developing new applications, through to application modernization, application integration, application management and maintenance.

Working with you, we accelerate DevOps and service transformation. We have a proven track record in application modernization and integration, business systems, and Cloud services, and can migrate your ageing infrastructure to a modern digital platform.

Your business goals are our goals. With a contractual framework that’s based on business outcomes and not time and materials, you can rest assured our focus will remain firmly fixed on delivering improved customer experiences.

Cloud Applications and Data Driven Services

We’ve brought our best minds together to provide you with short overviews of the critical issues you need to think about as you seek to transform your applications to meet the demands of 21st century society.

  • Multi-cloud transformation
  • Cloud Native Development
  • DevOps Automation
  • Legacy Modernization via APIs
  • Data Driven Processes

Read more about these key topics that will impact your organization in one way or another.

Why choose Fujitsu as your application transformation partner?

At Fujitsu, we have a proven track record of transforming and integrating applications, business systems, and cloud services. We manage and support systems with millions of users around the globe, and understand the complexity involved in digital transformation.

We’re a technology partner that delivers solutions ‘with you’ and not ‘to you’. We work with you to co-create solutions that reduce costs and re-deploy skilled people – enabling you to move staff away from maintaining traditional systems to new products and digital service innovation.

With our engineering expertise and global partner ecosystem of technology vendors, academia and start-ups, we are able to exploit the potential of IoT, AI and automation to remove any risk from your business transformation. Using Human Centric Experience Design Methodology, we apply customer-centric thinking to generate customer insights and translate them into product features and services.

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The Government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia implements a flexible development service based on the Agile methodology

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