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Cyber security for the digitized world

Secure your business with Security Services, Solutions and Products from Fujitsu

Corporations are increasingly hitting the headlines for being the subject of security attacks or data breaches. Fujitsu provides a broad portfolio of intelligent security offerings to enable organizations to prepare for and respond to all kinds of security issues.

We offer a full range of security services that comprises consult, implement and managed security services backed by best-of-breed security technologies. We develop and provide own security products and solutions like the identity and access management solution Fujitsu PalmSecure, based on Fujitsu’s unique and leading edge biometric palm vein recognition.

Find an overview of the Fujitsu Security portfolio here (132 KB) Security Offerings

By answering your security requirements with both our local and global Security Operation Centers, we offer 24x7 cyber security tailored to your requirements and based on our experience in highly secure environments of more than 40 years.

Managed Security Services Managed Security Services

Concentrate on your business, embrace technologies to digitize your business and reduce costs while at the same time optimize security is a balancing act hard to master.

Security Professional Services Security Professional Services

The Fujitsu Security Professional Services provides you with the expertise and skills to cover and optimize all security and business continuity issues while optimizing your spending.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

Fujitsu is ready to support your smooth transition to the new world of GDPR. Our services are designed not only to prepare your organization for compliance but to ensure you can continue to protect personal data into the future.

Threat 360

Organizations face a growing number of sophisticated and targeted cyber threats. You need to have the ability to identify threats and take the most relevant and proactive steps. Fujitsu Threat 360 examines an organization's security posture from an ‘inside out’ and an ‘outside in’ perspective.

Fujitsu Security Products Security Products

FUJITSU PalmSecure, Firewalls, Web Security, Encryption, End Point Protection, Email Security, Data Loss Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDS/IPS) and Anti-Bot make up the Fujitsu Security product offering.

Fujitsu Security Partners Security Partners

Fujitsu Security Partners