The 24x7 performance of BS2000

Cost-effective administration, efficient resource utilization and 24-hour operation are possible only if all essential processes can be automated. BS2000 provides a comprehensive set of automation functions to do precisely that.

  • PROP-XT : automates operation.     
  • AVAS : automates the planning, preparation, release, control and monitoring of batch production processes in BS2000.    
  • HIPLEX : establishes the basic structures for the load and availability cluster as well as for distributed applications.    
  • openSM2 : supplies full and objective performance data for BS2000, Solaris, Linux and Windows systems. When pre-definable performance situations occur, the user is either notified by SMS, e-mail or SMNP trap, or procedures initiated that automatically handle such events.   
  • Workload Management PCS (Performance Control System): automatically controls how the capacity of a real or virtual server is allocated to the applications on the basis of operator response times and throughput rate specifications. PCS guarantees that specified service quality levels are maintained for different applications and operating modes. As part of this function, it optimizes the utilization of CPU and I/O resources. Sophisticated load balancing mechanisms ensure that, in contrast to other platforms, almost all available performance is drawn upon. CPUs can operate at full capacity for relatively long periods and around 70 percent at all times, while software multiprocessor efficiency is in excess of 90 percent per processor.