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Belfius adopts Fujitsu’s Sign’IT technology

Fujitsu EMEIA

News facts:
  • Belfius is the first Belgian bank to enable customers to open a current account directly from their mobile.
  • This solution uses Sign’IT technology from Fujitsu.
Luxembourg, January 17, 2017 “You can now become a Belfius customer by opening a current account directly from your smartphone with the Belfius Mobile app without having to go into a branch or fill out any paperwork. Identification is carried out using real-time scanning, recognition and verification of the electronic ID card and the signature on the smartphone’s screen. This is a first for Belgium!”, explains Benoit Speybrouck,Head of Digital Projects Retail & Commercial Banking, Belfius. 
A written electronic signature is a hand-written signature on an electronic device which detects the shape of the signature as well as its graphological features such as the speed of signing and the pressure applied by the signatory.

Belfius, Number 1 in Mobile Banking in Belgium

Already number 1 in mobile banking in Belgium, Belfius aims to set the uncontested benchmark in digital banking by 2020. The company chose Fujitsu’s Sign’IT technology following a request for proposals launched in January 2016. “Due to the type of data which needs to be digitised, opening a bank account in an entirely digital way is a complex process”, explains Benoit Speybrouck. “We focused above all on regulatory aspects and the customer experience. We were not prepared to make even the slightest compromise,” points out Benoît Speybrouck.
Since January 2015, the number of people using Belfius’ mobile apps has more than doubled. Each day, over 1,000 new customers opt for this type of solution, confirming the position of the bank among the financial institutions with the best levels of growth in the world in the digital sector.

Open an account in just 5 minutes

With 4.7/5 on the App Store and 4.6/5 on Google Play, the Belfius Mobile app has the highest satisfaction rates on the Belgian banking market. The app already allow users to easily consult their accounts.  Among other features, it also allowe them to invest in funds directly from their smartphone or tablet, to activate their credit or debit cards (or alter their limits), to consult their recent transactions and to log in even quicker using their fingerprint. From now on, thanks to Sign’IT by Fujitsu, the app enables you to become a bank customer and open an account in just 5 minutes.

Improving the process while protecting the environment

The implementation of an electronic signature system can offer considerable advantages since it speeds up the process, cuts costs and protects the environment. “Belfius joins other Fujitsu clients (from various business sectors) which have chosen to adopt Sign’IT technology. The electronic signature must be perfectly integrated with all company channels, including branches and points of sale but also via the internet for remote use”, says Cédric Jadoul, Application Services, Portfolio Manager, Fujitsu.
“As well as the quality of the SDK (Software Development Kit), we also appreciated the high level of assistance provided by Fujitsu. Not only did the teams demonstrate their expertise but they were also proactive throughout the entire process, which for the bank was a key factor in its success”, concludes Benoît Speybrouck.

About Sign’IT by Fujitsu

The electronic signature is written by hand on the electronic device. The system not only detects the shape of the signature to integrate it into the PDF, but also gives the user the option of monitoring biometric parameters which make up the signature (writing speed, rhythm, pressure, angle, etc.)
Taken together, these parameters make up the “fingerprint of the signatory’s biometric signature”. This signature is then compared with a sample of biometric signatures left by the signatory during the registration procedure. Thanks to this technology, the solution can accurately authenticate the signatory and prevent any attempted fraud. The signature (image and/or biometrics) is then integrated into the document so that a further verification can be carried out in future if necessary. 

Media contact at Belfius Bank & Insurance

Ulrike Pommée
Head of Media Relations Belfius Bank & Insurance
Tel:+32 2 222 02 57 +32 495 183 517 

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Date: 17 January, 2017
City: Luxembourg