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  7. Fujitsu Retail Engagement Analytics Delivers In-store Intelligence for a New Generation of Connected Retailers

Fujitsu Retail Engagement Analytics Delivers In-store Intelligence for a New Generation of Connected Retailers

Fujitsu EMEIA

News facts:
  • Aggregated data solution enables retailers to track, capture and analyze in-store shopper behavior and engagement
  • Dashboards, reports, and heat maps provide clear actionable insights needed to optimize everything from store layout to staffing patterns
  • Real-time information guides store managers on proactive steps to improve in-store shopping experiences and reduce checkout queues
Luxembourg / Paris, September 12, 2016 – Fujitsu is today putting more power than ever at the fingertips of brick and mortar retailers with the availability of the new Retail Engagement Analytics (REA) solution in selected European markets. Designed to give high street stores similar levels of insight and actionable analytics into customer shopping habits that e-commerce providers already enjoy, REA provides a sophisticated way to track, capture and analyze individual customer experience, behavior and engagement.
REA – part of the over-arching Fujitsu Connected Retail¹. concept which focuses on bringing retailers and customers closer together – collects and analyzes a wide variety of relevant data for retailers, customized by store, location and day/time. Based on this data, insights are presented via a real-time REA dashboard, providing useful suggestions to help retailers optimize the in-store shopping experience for their customers.

The REA solution is based on aggregated data sources including in-store Wi-Fi access points and enterprise information such as point of sale (PoS) transaction data as well as further external data such as weather reports and local demographics. REA makes recommendations based on analysis of this data, helping retailers to enhance the in-store shopping experience by fine-tuning elements ranging from store design and merchandise layout, through to updating staffing plans to account for surges in footfall.

With the end goal of delivering a more personalized and engaging in-store service for every customer, Fujitsu REA also provides high street stores with the ability to tap into the rich vein of shopper behavior data that is already available to online vendors, tracking factors such as the number of visits per set time period, the zonal volume of visitors, traffic flow and repeat visitors. Soft factors, such as dwell time and conversions via sales departments, can also be tracked, visualized and monitored. Fujitsu REA also enables brick and mortar retailers to capture and integrate location data into existing mobile apps to provide personalized in-store promotions.

David Concordel, Vice President, Head of Retail Solutions at Fujitsu, comments: “Approximately 90 percent of all sales still take place in high street stores, so we are giving a new generation of connected retailers the upper hand. Based on more than 50 years of developing retail technologies, Fujitsu is leveraging aggregated data and powerful analytics to track customer behavior and consequently optimize their shopping experience. What’s more, the Fujitsu Retail Engagement Analytics solution is unique in its ability to integrate seamlessly with PoS technology.”
Edward Westenberg, Head of Retail Europe at Cisco, states: "We are excited to expand our global partnership with Fujitsu into the retail industry. Cisco's Connected Mobile eXperiences (CMX) delivered either on premises or from the cloud, our Wi-Fi infrastructure and the associated Cisco intelligent network capabilities allow our retail customers to leverage the power of the Fujitsu Retail Engagement Analytics solution in order to enhance the shopping experience and benefit from operational control, including location-based services, targeted advertisements, seamless and secure Wi-Fi onboarding, advanced analytics. This allows our retail customers to use Wi-Fi services to build customer loyalty, boost sales, and improve business operations.”
How Fujitsu REA works
Fujitsu REA uses patented Flow Discovery Technology2 to deliver detailed and reliable analysis of shopper behavior. It collects data from multiple sources including Wi-Fi access points, and cameras, combining this with enterprise information such as PoS transaction data, weather and demographic details. Store managers are presented with these insights via customizable dashboards, reports, heat maps and floor maps that provide a transformational and visual means of understanding, analyzing and responding to dynamic shopper behavior.
Through adopting Fujitsu REA, store associates and managers can understand how consumers interact with physical store space, and quickly visualize traffic density or dead zones. This leads to more insightful decision-making with regard to the re-location of merchandise, adjustment of lighting, or deployment of sales assistants, all with a view to improving experience for customers and driving revenue.
Retailers can also pre-program proactive, real-time alerts to help avert potential problems – for example, by highlighting growing customer traffic congestion in different departments or at a specific set of cash registers. Additionally, analytical insights provide a rich and accurate source of data for business teams planning store layouts, merchandising, marketing, CRM and labor scheduling.
Delivered as a cloud offering, Fujitsu REA is based on a platform specifically designed for precision analytics at scale and up to 500 times3 faster than traditional databases, made possible by advanced high-performance Fujitsu database technology.
The Fujitsu REA solution is built from the ground up with maximum security and privacy in mind. To address customer and country-specific privacy policies, Fujitsu can also deliver a privately hosted version via the company’s global network of data centers. Alternatively, REA is available via AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds.
The Fujitsu Retail Engagement Analytics solution is available from October 2016 in selected European markets– initially in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and the UK.
Notes to editors

1 The Fujitsu Connected Retail concept

Connected Retail from Fujitsu
Fujitsu’s international strength and continuous investment in technology innovation allows the company to deliver consistent services to its customers. Fujitsu is committed to using its size, scope and experience as one of the world’s largest IT companies to deliver global capabilities with local responsiveness and know-how. This encompasses:
  • In more than 100 countries around the globe
  • End-to-end portfolio of retail applications, devices and supporting services
  • One-stop-shop with the majority of products and solutions developed by Fujitsu
Fujitsu retail solutions cover the whole value chain – from store, warehouse and headquarter to the backbone in the data center. It transforms the customer experience in stores and across channels, and has the retail solution intellectual property, process knowledge and integration skills to make a difference.
2 Flow Discovery technology is an extension to the Fujitsu Automated Process Discovery (APD) technology. Flow Discovery allows the shopper tracking through the store to be visualized using the facts and evidence from data sources to trace and render the route ‘as it happens’. This approach and technology allows us to use non-invasive techniques to gather and process the evidence very efficiently into a comprehensive and accurate picture.
3 Using columnar-oriented data store approach along with indexing of columns and data compression, reduces the disk access time and enables Fujitsu to achieve faster query time over a large volume data sets. The performance advantage is on the order of 500x over traditional row-based store. For more information, please see:

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Date: 12 September, 2016
City: Luxembourg / Paris