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Fujitsu Launches new high-capacity CELVIN NAS Server Q800 with 4-Bay Drive

Small businesses and home offices benefit from the new server’s fast performance, low power consumption and high reliability

Munich, October 05, 2010

Fujitsu today launches the new CELVIN NAS Server Q800, providing an all-in-one system for local Network Attached Storage (NAS) backup and file sharing at an affordable price. The new system is targeted at mid-size and small business, plus home-office based workers that want to introduce flexible, centralized data sharing between computers and users on a local network.


For small and medium sized businesses ( SMBs), the CELVIN NAS Server Q800 model is a simple, secure and ultra-fast central store for frequently accessed data that is shared between multiple users – such as databases, customer records and ecommerce ordering systems. With the CELVIN NAS Server, Fujitsu is targeting businesses whose data is currently pooled using less robust or slower pools of storage, such as USB drives, and file server disks. By switching to a dedicated NAS server, customers can expect fast transfer rates and response times.


The new CELVIN NAS Server checks all the boxes when it comes to performance, stability and reliability. In addition to the unrivalled data transfer speeds across Ethernet networks, customers can count on greater reliability than ever before with a dual operating system with Disk on Memory (DoM) in case of network issues. In addition, dual Gigabit ports and a whole new Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) provide additional protection.


A significant consideration for growing companies is cross-platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix, allowing businesses to grow and evolve without any platform restrictions. For companies with huge files to transfer, the CELVIN NAS Server Q800 allows business owners to leverage the “cross-platform” features to share files with different corporate customers, resolving issues of platform conflicts. In addition, the CELVIN NAS Server Q800 provides optional Joomla, a content management system based on Integrated Structured Query Language (SQL) server.


The system is also designed for expansion to ensure that it continues to meet business needs – as a second CELVIN Q800 unit can be added on, doubling capacity to a maximum up to 8TB . The step-by-step scaling capacity is a very flexible and affordable solution for small and medium business users who want to avoid a huge investment of an oversized infrastructure.

Rajat Kakar, Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: “Fujitsu understands that small businesses and home offices need a flexible, affordable server solution. Fujitsu’s CELVIN NAS Server Q800 enables centralized data management at a reasonable price, providing IT administrators with the flexibility to grow IT infrastructures along with their business, and reliability they can trust.”


The CELVIN NAS Q800 Server will be available on pricelists and for delivery in EMEA and India beginning November 1, 2010. Pricing ranges from 749 Euros to 1299 Euros based on the configuration of the hard disk drive.



Glossary and Notes:


Disk on Memory (DoM): CELVIN NAS Q800 is equipped with Dual DoM (Disk on Memory), which means

i n an unexpected event like improper system shutdown, the system can either recover from the second disk on memory, or boot from the second disk on memory to maintain data accessibility.

Gigabit ports: An Ethernet port that is compliant with gigabit Ethernet standards that can transfer a billion bits of data per second.

Internet Protocol (IP): a communications protocol used for relaying packets of information across an internetwork as the primary protocol that establishes the internet.  

Network Attached Storage (NAS): a computer connected to a network that only provides file-based data storage services to other devices on the network.

Redundant array of independent disks (RAID): an architecture that provides storage reliability through redundancy, combining multiple disk drive components into a unit where all drives are interdependent.

Storage Area Network (SAN): an architecture that attaches remote computer data storage devices to an operating system, providing only block-based storage operations and not file abstraction.

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Date: 05 October, 2010
City: Munich