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CeBIT 2010: Fujitsu Focuses on IT Dynamic Infrastructures.


Munich / Hannover, March 01, 2010

At CeBIt 2010, Fujitsu presents an overview of the company’s solutions and services on the theme of “Dynamic Infrastructures for your Success.” The focus is on Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server, as well as on a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Services. Five halls at CeBIT represent the enterprise, showing how customers from all over the world can use Fujitsu’s IT solutions and services to create competitive advantages for their individual businesses.


Hall 4: Dynamic Infrastructures for your Success


Plug and play IT– Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server

In hall 4 Fujitsu presents Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server (I-a-a-S), the flagship Private Cloud Services offering for enterprises. With I-a-a-S, companies can purchase server capacity as necessary via a flexible billing model. The required hardware is stored in Fujitsu high security centers built especially for this purpose. Customers can choose an individual solution and configure it through Fujitsu’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service portal. The server resources can be accessed via a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network).


Managed Services – the comprehensive answer to dynamic IT requirements


Just in time for CeBIT, Fujitsu presents in hall 4 the company’s new service package, ManageNow, for efficient IT infrastructure administration in data centers. The ManageNow solutions simplify and optimize daily processes in data centers using standardized administration of heterogeneous infrastructures and automatized administration of operating systems, software and databases for servers and clients. The packages contain additional features for the ManageNow software, implementation services, maintenance and support. ManageNow supports Fujitsu’s IT infrastructure products as well as heterogeneous environments. Enterprises can use ManageNow to consolidate different administration and surveillance tools, benefiting from a seamless integration with popular administration solutions, fast implementation and a cost reduction of up to 65 percent.


Fujitsu‘s Managed Workplace services have been designed especially for Windows 7. Managed Workplace can be used to administer PC workstations throughout the entire lifecycle. This frees enterprises from daily routine tasks so they can concentrate on their core business. The service is based on customer-specific service level agreements; a price per workstation model guarantees maximum cost transparency.


Managed Virtual Workplace comprises comprehensive services with a focus on the administration of the entire virtual workplace infrastructure. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) based services and options, adapted to meet specific requirements, guarantee customer satisfaction and increase productivity, flexibility, availability and security at the same time.


With Fujitsu’s own state-of-the-art Managed Storage offer, enterprises of all sizes can benefit from flexible data management, cost control and data security. Fujitsu administers storage solutions onsite as well as at its own data centers. Fixed costs are changed into variable costs and there are hardly any limits for extensive data growth.


Managed Server guaranteesinterruption-free server infrastructures. Proactive services such as Auto Immune Systems® support automatic recognition and eliminate errors. At the same time, IT processes are immunized so business transactions are protected from interruptions.


Tape Virtualization with ETERNUS CS800


Fujitsu also introduces the latest storage system in its ETERNUS family in hall 4. The ETERNUS CS800 is a ready-to-use storage solution with integrated deduplication, offering comprehensive data security within dynamic infrastructures. The solution is particularly suitable for medium-sized enterprises working with disk backup. Integrated deduplication reduces average capacity requirements for hard disks within the system by 90 percent and therefore helps reduce backup costs. The ETERNUS CS800 stores backup data in different locations throughout the company network, using deduplication. The required network bandwidth is reduced by at least 20 percent. The ETERNUS CS800 supports Symantec OpenStorage for Replication and Direct Tape Creation.


Hardware Highlights: From Zero Client to Server-Star


With the first “real” Zero Client, Fujitsu presents one of the tradeshow highlights in hall 4 – tomorrow’s end-user device. The Zero Client is a frontend solution with all the advantages of a Thin Client – and even more. Designed as an intelligent display and available in 22-inches, the Zero Client needs only a LAN and power connection. Future models will support Power over Ethernet and can therefore be operated with only one cable – the LAN cable.


The Zero Client needs no operating system, no processor, no applications, and no local data backup. It merely establishes the connection to the virtual machine so there is no need for workplace management. This makes the “total cost of ownership” significantly lower than for a Thin Client.


Fujitsu also presents the latest additions to its notebook portfolio at CeBIT in hall 4. The new LIFEBOOK S710, for example, is equipped with Intel’s latest processor technology and offers excellent performance. At only 2.15 kilograms, it is one of the lightest modular 14 inch notebooks available. The model offers integrated 3G/UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth functionality. With a battery life of up to ten hours, it will last an entire working day without recharging. Fujitsu’s newest Tablet PC, based upon the latest Intel platform, the LIFEBOOK T900, really stands out with its high processing power, multidirectional LED displays, and flexible electronic pen or multitouch operation.


Both LIFEBOOKs are equipped with Fujitsu’s Advanced Theft Protection, a modular security solution which is also shown in hall 4. It especially caters to mobile users’ needs and offers maximum security for hardware and data; users can lock their notebooks in case of theft, erase sensitive data or locate and retrieve the notebook.  


Fujitsu also presents a number of products in its current hardware portfolio – for example the fireball among its powerful PRIMERGY servers, the blade server BX900. Furthermore, client solutions such as the 0 Watt PC will be shown in action. 


Hall 9: End-to-End Solutions for the Public Sector

Federal and state authorities, municipal administrations and associations, universities and other public institutions are facing the challenge of balancing cost reductions and higher IT efficiency. In the Public Sector Parc in hall 9, Fujitsu and its renowned partners such as NetApp, Symantec, Brocade, EMC or CA demonstrate the capabilities of its powerful and energy efficient Intel-based infrastructure products, solutions and services. They will show how new supply and operating models within an “as-a-service” concept can change the IT in future administration models. Special topics such as secure eGovernment, Geo-Information, the White IT alliance or the new ID card or legally compliant online shopping offer plenty of issues to discuss for contracting authorities.


For the “Citizen meets The State” visitor’s day on Saturday, administrative solutions users once more take center stage. The focus is on topics such as new forms of learning that integrate IT technologies, like the use of notebooks in classes.


Hall 15: Fujitsu’s premiere on Planet Reseller

This year, Fujitsu is represented for the first time at Planet Reseller in hall 15 booth F 15. The company uses the international gathering of the specialized trade to introduce tradeshow highlights such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server, plus the latest additions to the client’s portfolio to the channel and distribution companies. In the context of the new IaaS for Server offerings, Fujitsu provides server capacities from its own data center on demand. At CeBIT, specialty retailers can test the new services themselves. For example, they can see for themselves how easy it is to provision new server capacities via the IaaS portal. On Planet Reseller, Fujitsu shows a number of new products available through the channel program “Value4you.” Highlights are desktop PCs, notebooks, monitors and particularly the proGreen Selection.


Hall 8: Green IT

In Hall 8, Fujitsu is a partner at BITKOM’s Green IT booth – and presents its most important new developments in the areas of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Environmental friendly and resource-conserving IT has played an important role at Fujitsu for more than 20 years. The Green IT concept addresses individual aspects as well as the entire production process. For example, this means environmentally-friendly materials are being used, or transport and packaging solutions are chosen to meet the best possible resource conservation conditions. The “CeBIT green IT” – hosted by the high tech association BITKOM, the Federal Environment Ministry and the Deutsche Messe AG – offers Fujitsu an ideal platform to show its environmentally friendly concepts to tradeshow visitors and demonstrate, together with its partner Intel, how to implement environmentally friendly IT today.


SAP World Tour in hall 19

On the SAP World Tour in hall 19, booth 2.35, Fujitsu presents innovative dynamic IT solutions and IT services for the SAP landscape. In more than 35 years of partnership and cooperation with SAP, Fujitsu has gained great expertise, particularly in regard to service-oriented architectures with integrated virtualization and automation technologies. With time-tested solutions and services such as FlexFrame for SAP, SAP BusinessObjects and the SAP Discovery System V4, Fujitsu nails its colors to the mast at SAP World.


TDS at the CeBIT 2010

IT outsourcing, SAP services for medium-sized businesses and application management are the focus of TDS’ tradeshow appearance at the Fujitsu booth in hall 4 (booth E20). Business Intelligence Packages for medium-sized businesses, tailor-made SAP offers for the process industry as well as for cosmetics and food manufacturers are only a few examples of the presented SAP solutions. Visitors also can learn more about medium-sized businesses at TDS and Fujitsu’s shared booth on the SAP World Tour (hall 19).


In the Public Sector Parc (hall 9, Fujitsu booth C60), TDS shows software and services for human resources departments. The portfolio includes the modular personal software TDS-Personal, as well as HR Business process outsourcing (HR BPO), covering all administrative processes in human resource management. This includes payroll accounting, travel expense accounting and applicant data administration.


Fujitsu and TDS at CeBIT – Overview


Hall 4, Booth E20

Hall 9, Booth C60, Public Sector Parc

Hall 15, Booth F15, Planet Reseller

Hall 19, SAP World Tour

Hall 8, “CeBIT green IT 2010” (BITKOM)



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