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Best of Both Worlds: New Intel Processors Boost Fujitsu Mainframes

-Powerful combination of high performance and robustness; customers able to combine three main operating systems on a single system

Munich, November 19, 2010

Fujitsu today announces the second-generation of its midrange SQ mainframe Business Servers, which combine mainframe stability and reliability with the latest high-end Intel Xeon x86 processor technology to provide a compelling platform for organizations seeking a consolidated server operating environment.


Uniquely able to run all three mainstream server operating systems simultaneously on a single server, the Fujitsu SQ200 is the successor to the SQ100 business server line up. The SQ200 is available to order with immediate effect and the first new machines will ship in January 2011.


The first Fujitsu mainframe to use Intel Xeon processors, the SQ100 series has enjoyed strong sales since its introduction in December 2008. Fujitsu’s midrange line-up of BS2000/OSD systems combines uptime and reliability that only mainframe technology can deliver with access to the world of x86-based applications.


Fujitsu is now building on that with the introduction of the SQ200, which offers unrivalled application availability thanks to optimized use of system resources as well as built-in system stability and fault-tolerance. The Intel x86-based architecture is able to run the BS2000/OSD operating system together with Linux and Microsoft Windows Server operating systems in parallel on the native SQ200 Business Server BS2000/OSD operating system. As a result, the new SQ200 is the perfect platform for hosting high-priority virtual servers running on a Linux or Windows-based system.


In addition to the latest high-end Intel MP x86 series processors, Fujitsu has enhanced the feature set of the SQ200 and provides greater scalability for XEN-based server virtualization, as well as improvements to overall system utilization. The SQ200 range is comprised of 12 models, from single-CPU systems through to a new eight-way model with an RPF (Relative Performance Factor) of 700.


All-round performance improvements are also part of the latest-generation SQ series. In addition to accelerated performance in running both Oracle and SESAM databases, BS2000/OSD system responsiveness is increased thanks to the built-in Just In Time (JIT) Interpreter.


The new models offer an easy integration into customers’ Storage Area Networks via the SAN-Integration-Package SIP, which is combined with support for FibreChannel (FC) that provides a direct, high-speed connection for mid-range Fujitsu ETERNUS DX400 and high-end DX8000 storage systems.


The SQ200 Business Server is in the midrange of Fujitsu’s four-system mainframe line-up, which starts with the entry-level SQ100 Series and peaks with the range-topping S210, which reaches an enormous RPF, of 5,000 – the equivalent to around 7,500 MIPS.


Says Rolf Strotmann, Vice-President Enterprise Server, and Software at Fujitsu Technology Solutions: “Customers are continuing to rely on mainframes for their business critical IT operations for a very good reason, which is that of unbeatable system uptime and reliability. Organizations – both public and private sector – that are running mission-critical applications place the highest priority on uninterrupted operation. With the new SQ200 Business Server, Fujitsu continues the tradition of mainframe reliability, and combines that with access to Linux and Windows applications. This makes the mainframe even more accessible and guarantees its future as a mainstay of the data center of today, and tomorrow.”


Priced on a per-project basis, the SQ200 is available to order in the CEMEA&I (Continental Europe, Middle East, Africa & India) region immediately. Systems are factory pre-installed to suit individual customer environments. Once deployed, Fujitsu offers remote monitoring and professional maintenance and support services to ensure that systems continue to run at peak performance. 



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Date: 19 November, 2010
City: Munich