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States of Guernsey: Electronic Document and Record Management (EDRM)

Easing the tax burden

Electronic document management solutions from Fujitsu

Photograph of a pile of paper files
Fujitsu have implemented a fully integrated, electronic document and record management (EDRM) solution for the States of Guernsey. In addition, Fujitsu proposed a workflow solution that enables Guernsey Income Tax to track and automate the processing of tax returns and correspondence. This solution combines Meridio EDRM software, Metastorm eWork BPM software and Kofax Ascent scanning software.

Fujitsu's IT solution enables all tax returns to be scanned on arrival at Guernsey Income Tax and to be managed electronically thereafter. All incoming correspondence is also scanned and attached to the relevant file. The tax assessors use a ‘viewer' to write on, highlight, tick and mark the tax returns in exactly the same manner as they previously did with the paper returns.

States of Guernsey Income Tax handles 85,000 live tax files containing three million documents, which require storage and manual filing and routing around the five-storey Guernsey Income Tax building. There are an additional three million documents which are ‘old' or ‘deleted' but still require storage. 

DownloadDownload the 'States of Guernsey' case study PDF (156 KB) [156 KB]