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Maximum Uptime with Integrated Virtual Servers and Failover Cluster solution

"The support from Fujitsu has been nothing short of fantastic and the automated call out feature on the SAN for failures is a brilliant idea as well"

Ashley Walters, Director of Information Technology, Christian College Geelong Ltd

The customer

Established over 30 years ago, Christian College is a kindergarten (preparatory) to year-12 private school, based in the Geelong region of Victoria, Australia, with 1900 students.

Geelong is 75 kilometres south west of Melbourne and the College has six campuses located in an area approximately 120 kilometers across. The specifically designed Junior, Middle and Senior School structure provides sequential and developmental progression for individual students and meets their growth needs throughout their journey from age 5 to age 18, at the College. The seamless transitions within the same school culture are designed to create a sense of belonging for students, staff, and parents, and create a unique educational environment.

p>As part of this, the use of IT at the College is managed by the Director of Information Technology and supports the total student population and their academic progression. All campuses are linked via microwave and the overall IT network supports approximately 1000 desktops and laptops,which in turn are managed by a centrally located environment based on the use of 20 virtual servers, Christian College runs a Microsoft Windows network using Active Directory and runs Windows 7 Enterprise Clients linked to a Windows Server 2008R2 back-end as its core operating environment.

The challenge

Increase the resilience and flexibility of the College IT environment for maximize service availability. Plus improve throughput and security by replacing the current aging and problematic servers.

The solution

The introduction of Microsoft Hyper V and a secure SAN based failover clusting environment, for both data and virtual machines. Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage systems provide a robust implementation which also enables multiple network connections for better throughput.

The benefit

  • The new virtualized system has decreased downtime by replacing the aging servers and enabling fexible resource allocation.
  • VM’s can now failover between host servers for faster recovery.
  • There is also improved deployment of servers and server OS plus better power consumption from the latest server technology.
  • Network traffic is also improved with the removal of bottlenecks by multiple network connections