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Australian Electoral Commission Receives Secure Web Hosting Services

"In partnership with Fujitsu, the AEC was able to deliver the Virtual Tally Room for the 2010 Federal Election seamlessly and efficiently"

Tim Courtney, CIO, Australian Electoral Commission

The customer

The AEC is responsible for conducting federal elections and national referenda. It maintains the high profile Commonwealth electoral roll of over 14 million voters and electronic returns applications, which contain sensitive personal data. The AEC’s significant public communication and education role is supported by its internet presence which relies on critical high volume, robust and scalable systems.

While the AEC plays a key role in managing electoral roles, the organisation really comes into the spotlight during a Federal election, where it is called on to provide a seamless experience with timely reporting for the 14 million Australians who vote.

The challenge

The Australian Government called an election early. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) was responsible for running the election and reporting the results to the Australian public. This involved processing over 14 million enrolments, 1198 candidates at 7,700 polling places and operating a virtual tally room that received over 20,000 page views over the election period. There was no room for error as the country awaited news of the new government and the capabilities of the AEC and Fujitsu were on show.

The solution

Fujitsu provided a fully managed Secure Internet Gateway and Web Hosting Service as the backbone for communication links to internet-enabled AEC business solutions. Services include external e-mail; web hosting of critical AEC applications and information, and a virtual tally room that enabled on-line access to federal election and referendum results.

The benefit

  • The AEC was able to provide timely and accurate reporting on the results of the 2010 Federal Election through its Virtual Tally Room.
  • The systems developed allowed the AEC to assist with the 2011 NSW State Election and future elections around Australia.