Vehicle-SOC Service

Comprehensive security service for connected vehicle
with real-time cyber attack monitoring, anomaly detection, incident analysis and reporting

Vehicle-SOC Service Overview

Vehicle SOC Service, the world first cloud-based comprehensive connected vehicle life cycle cybersecurity solution.

Vehicle-SOC Service

Upstream C4 is the world first cloud-based cybersecurity service designed specifically for protecting connected vehicles and smart mobility services from cyber-attacks by utilizing various data source from vehicles, telematics serves and mobile applications.

Anomaly/Attack Detection Engine

  • Automatic profiling the correlation between big data, vehicles and mobile services by Machine Learning(ML).
  • Anomaly analysis of the vehicle status analysis to detect abnormal behavior and condition of the vehicle.
  • APIs for efficient analysis and triage in SIEM.
  • Quick service deployment without adding physical device such as IDPS(In-Vehicle Intrusion Detection and Prevention System) to the vehicle (In-car) side.

Value-added Services to the Vehicle-SOC

Initial Setup

  • Installs Upstream C4 and SIEM, etc. based on customers business scale.
  • Available for customer`s cloud environment.


  • Improves detection accuracy by combining cyber attack information detected by anomalies and attack detection engine with alert information coming from ICT devices.


  • Monitors SIEM and analyzes alerts to notify the SIRT team if an abnormality or attack is detected.


  • Weekly or monthly reports to customers with statistical information and threat trends based on the monitoring and analysis results.


  • Vehicle-SOC(Vehicle Security Operation Center): Roles and specialized organizations that perform threat monitoring and analysis for vehicles
  • SOC(Security Operation Center): Roles and specialized organizations that perform threat monitoring and analysis on information systems
  • SIEM(Security Information and Event Management): A system that accumulates operational logs of various devices and software to quickly detect and analyze threatening events.
  • SIRT(Security Incident Response Team): An organization that responds to security threats to systems, etc.