Mobility Digital Twin

Replicate, analyze, and predict real-world information onto the digital world

Introduction Video

Fujitsu’s Mobility World

We will create value by replicating, analyzing, and predicting real world data in real time on the digital world, and enhance various services such as automobile, insurance, and transportation.

Digital Twin Utilizer

Stream data processing platform capable of adding and changing processing contents while processing each data such as continuously occurring vehicles and signals and their relationships in real time
Implementation of proprietary stream data processing technology “Dracena” enables features ①~③.

Digital Twin Analyzer

Image analysis platform that automatically analyzes dashcam images and converts information such as vehicle behavior and surrounding conditions into high-precision three-dimensional data.
Unique AI image recognition technology and high-precision three-dimensional position estimation technology enable each of the features①&②

Digital Twin Collector

Digital Twin Collector is a platform that virtually integrates and manages the data held by mobility devices, greatly reducing the cost of data collection and storage.

(Release on 2021/4/22)