Under Development

Fujitsu Isotec New linerless label printer is coming soon.

Product's features

What is a "Linerless label printer" ?

Printing thermal labels without release paper

Reference video (Previous model FP-1000L)


Reducing of complexity for user's operations

Example of usage cases


 Attach Order List on Counter

Burger Shop

 Paste order list to tray
 Attach the order list to the drink cup
 Paste the call number on the drink cup
 Paste the option menu on the Package

Coffee shop

 Paste the topping information onto the cup

Fried Chicken/Pizza/Bakery Shop

 Stick receipts and order lists to bags and boxes

You can expect these by using FP-2000L
Current usage / problem   After using Linerless printer solutions
  • Possibilities of unmatching orders / information
  • Avoiding unmatching orders / info
    • Printed information of label is synchronized with receipt information
  • Handwriting for record orders / information
  • Efficiency of recording order/ info
    • Label is printed based on POS system information
  • Removing label from sheet (EX. Using usual label operation)
  • Eco and easy usage for labeling
    • Reducing the garbage of labels


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