Two models of the platen winding system that realize low noise and space saving

The low noise and compact design can be used at the front desk of the office or hotel.
It is also an environmentally friendly printer that meets our environmental evaluation standards.

DL3850+ / DL3750+ Dot Matrix Printer

Functional Specifications

  DL3850+ DL3750+
Print Technology Dot Matrix
Printing speed (letter, 10 cpi) 113 characters per second
Printing speed (letter, 12 cpi) 135 characters per second
Printing speed (draft, 10 cpi) 360 characters per second
Printing speed (draft, 12 cpi) 432 characters per second
Printing speed (high draft, 10 cpi) 448 characters per second 400 characters per second
Printing speed (high draft, 12 cpi) 537 characters per second 480 characters per second
Line feed speed 60 ms per 1/6" line
Form feed speed 5.6 inches per second
Resolution 360 x 360 dots per inch
Number of copies 5 including original
Emulation (standard) Fujitsu DPL24C PLUS, Epson ESC/P 2, IBM
Proprinter XL24E
Barcode Code 3 of 9, UPC Type A, UPC Type A with check character,Codabar(NW7), EAN13, EAN8, Industrial 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5,Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, POSTNET, UPC-E
Printer Driver You can check driver's versions from this list.
PDF Printer driver version (Rev.13 2023/06) (63 KB)
Interface (standard) Parallel (IEEE1284 Nibble Mode), Serial
USB Ver.2.0 (TYPE B)
Print line (10cpi) 136 columns 80 columns
Input Buffer Max:128KB

Physical Specifications

  DL3850+ DL3750+
Width 600 mm (23.62 inch) 415 mm (16.3 inch)
Depth 350 mm (13.78 inch) 330 mm (13.0 inch)
Height 290 mm (11.42 inch) 120 mm (4.72 inch)
Weight Approx: 17 kg Approx: 7.3 kg
Acoustic noise 49 dB 49 dB

Reliability Specifications

  DL3850+ DL3750+
Head life 400 million strokes (each wire)
Ribbon life 7.5 million characters (Life is a readable number of characters. It varies depending on the customer's usage environment.)
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 20,000 hrs @ 25% duty cycle

About Printer Test Environment with Remote Connection

Even if you do not have DL3850+ / DL3750+ printer on hand, you can connect to DL3850+ / DL3750+ printer installed in our company by remote connection and test the actual machine.

This eliminates the requirement to ship and return a printer for printer testing, reduces the requirement for having the space, reduces printer setup, and facilitates printer testing.

For more information about the service, please contact us.

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