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Fujitsu Isotec manufactures a total of 800,000 Fujitsu desktop PCs and PC servers annually.
Also, as a manufacturer of dot impact printers and thermal printers, we have established an integrated system from design and manufacturing to sales to provide products of reliable quality.
Furthermore, we are able to provide our customers with a speedy "One stop solution" by leveraging our integrated manufacturing system, which extends from the design and manufacture of highly reliable, high-precision and high-speed precision machining and production equipment by skilled craftsmen, as well as our comprehensive strength in combined machining technology.
We will continue to work closely with local communities to create "recycling-oriented society" that conserve energy and reduce environmental impact.

FUJITSU ISOTEC Management Policy

Our management policy is to "Aiming to grow together with employees and customers, we will take on the challenge of creating a strong plant.".

Main Management Guidelines

  • Aim for "a truly strong factory" in cost, quality and flexibility.
  • Growth of independent business to a level where autonomy is possible.
  • Creating a workplace where both employees and the company can feel growth.
  • Become a company that is loved by the local community and that employees are proud of.

Masaharu Nishimaki

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