Contribution of efficiency for user’s operation

Linerless label printer FP-2000L


Fujitsu Isotec New linerless label printer.

Printing thermal labels without release paper

Reducing of complexity for user's operation

You can expect these by using FP-2000L
Current usage / problem   After using Linerless printer solutions
  • Possibilities of unmatching orders / information
  • Avoiding unmatching orders / info
    • Printed information of label is synchronized with receipt information
  • Handwriting for record orders / information
  • Efficiency of recording orders / info
    • Label is printed based on POS system information
  • Removing label from sheet (EX. Using usual label operation)
  • Eco and easy usage for labeling
    • Reducing the garbage of labels

F-2000L helps operations for various aspects.

■ Contribution for smooth operation

High response : Printing speed(180mm/s) & Start printing
FIT linerless printer helps user’s smooth operation than others.
Time to start printing is faster than others by using FIT driver.
= Time saving work is important operaion at QSR and other industry.

■ Cost support

Selectable sensors: Ex. Paper taken sensor
This sensor controls the print out only to churn out the next label after existing label was pick up.
= Prevent from extra consuming of labels due to the long length by many orders

Example of Paper taken sensor

One customer purchases 3 cups of coffee, “Today’s coffee”, “Latte”, “Matcha” in Starbucks For one Transaction, 3 Linerless Labels printing necessary.
For 1st order, 1 label is printed for “Today’s coffee”, Operator picks up this label.

This function prevents the labels from sticking to each other.



  • Attach Order List on Counter

Burger Shop

  • Paste order list to tray
  • Attach the order list to the drink cup
  • Pasting the call number on the drink cup
  • Paste the option menu on the packagey

Coffee shop

  • Paste the topping information onto the cup

Fried Chicken/Pizza/Bakery Shop

  • Sticking receipts and order lists to bags and boxes


■ Heat and Water Resistance

■ Others

Ex.) “New-Normal” operation at hospitals, other facilities
  Ticket for temperature measurement at entrance
(Body temperature certificate)


Printing Technology Direct Line Thermal Method
Print Resolution 8 dot/mm (0.125mm/dot) 203dpi
Printing Speed (Monochrome only) Linerless Label Paper: 150mm/s, Thermal Paper: Maximum 230mm/s
Paper Feed-out Direction Top feed out
Cutter Method Partial cut
Installation Direction Two ways (Horizontal / Vertical)
Paper Linerless label
Paper length 46m
Paper width 58mm, 80mm
Outer diameter of roll paper Less than Φ83mm
Paper thickness 65µm - 85µm
Interface USB(2.0 Full-speed), RS232C Serial(9pins, 25pins), Wired LAN(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
Acoustic Noise Less than 55 dB(A)
Paper Sensors Available to notice errors, printer status (Print Start/Print End/Paper Exit waiting)
Software Interface ESC/POS emulation
Software features 180dpi font mode, 16 Gray Scale printing, Logo Store Memory Max. 1088KB, Font A (12x24dots), Font B (10x24dots or 9x24dots), Font C (8x16dots), Two-dimensional code: QR code, PDF417, DataMatrix
Drawer Interface 2 Drawers Controllable
MCBF (Mean-cycle-between-failure) Linerless Label Paper: 30million lines / Thermal Paper: 60million Lines
MTBF Main Board : 360,000H
Printer Mechanism Life 10 million line-feed
Consumable Life Print Head Linerless Label Paper: 75km / Thermal Paper: 150km
Cutter Linerless Label Paper: 0.3million cuts / Thermal Paper: 1.5million cuts
Power Requirements 24V±10% (AC Adapter) 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Power Consumption (USB I/F only) during standby:1 W or less / 40 mA / Average during operating : 30 W or less / 1 A
Ambient Temperature Operation guarantee: 0 °C to 40°C / Print quality guarantee: 5 °C to 35°C
Relative Humidity Operation guarantee: 10 % RH to 95% RH / Print quality guarantee: 10 % RH to 85% RH
Dimensions 5.0(W)x6.8(D)x4.9(H) inch
Weight (without the packing box) Under 1.0kg
Cover Color Ocean Black & Royal White
Software Windows Driver, Printer Utility, SDK(Android, iOS)
  • 1)
    Do not switch 80mm width paper after using 58mm width paper.
    when using narrow-width paper, a part of the thermal head may directly come in contact with platen roll with out any paper present.
    This causes the head to wear down, resulting in poor printing quality.
  • 2)
    When using the paper which is not FIT paper, please evaluate the printer with it advance.
  • 3)
    if the paper is not conveyed to the top, use the paper guide cover. if necessary, install the paper guide cover.


Paper Linerless label
Paper length 46m
Paper width 58mm, 80mm
Outer diameter of roll paper Less than Φ83mm
Paper thickness 65µm - 85µm

Merit of using Linerless label

■ Contribution for smooth operation

Comparing with standard label paper, Linerless label has more than 60% labels.

■ Contribution for smooth operation

■ Safety

■ Heat and Water Resistance

Label Software for FP-2000L

FP-2000L is compatible with BarTender and Loftware NiceLabel

Use the FP-2000L with either of these software packages for professional, convenient and time-efficient labeling.

Print labels compliant with customer requirements and industry standards.

 Contribution for smooth operation

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