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Fujitsu Isotec designs, manufactures and markets Serial Dot Matrix Printers and Thermal Printers in its seamless, design-manufacture-sales streamlined system. Besides business operating under the Fujitsu brand, Fujitsu Isotec also supplies printer products to major printer manufacturers and sales companies in global markets under OEM brand names.

Fujitsu Isotec will continue to create and supply printer products to the global market which fulfill users' satisfaction with its High Quality, Cost Performance and Quick Delivery.

PC's and Servers

Fujitsu Isotec manufactures Fujitsu's Desk Top, PC (IA) Servers and PC (IA) Workstations which are sold worldwide under brand names such as FMV DESKPOWER, PRIMERGY and CELSIUS.

All products are assembled and software installed by the BTO system in able to meet fully customer requirements.

To support PC end-users, Fujitsu Isotec provides PC lessons available to citizens and repair services.

Monozukuri services

Fujitsu Isotec also provides manufacturing companies with engineering services that have been developed and cultivated through experience gained via long term relationships within Fujitsu.

  • Designs and manufactures assembling machines and tools
  • Designs and manufactures testing machines and tools
  • Designs and manufactures precision manufacturing parts

FITF Recycle Services

FITF (Fujitsu Isotec Frontier) is a subsidiary of Fujitsu Isotec who are specialized in recycling computer products.

FITF provides the following services:

  • Disposal of old computers and the associated peripherals
  • Data deletion service