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FY2003 Financial Results

(April 1, 2003 - March 31, 2004)


A summary of our financial results is provided in HTML format. The full report can be viewed as PDF files.


Download All pages (220 KB, 52 pages)

Part I : Financial Tables

  1. Summary of FY2003 Full Year Consolidated Results (13 KB)
  2. Summary of FY2003 Fourth Quarter Consolidated Results and Consolidated Earnings Forecast for FY2004 (13 KB)
  3. Summary of FY2003 Full Year Unconsolidated Results and Unconsolidated Earnings Forecast for FY 2004 (13 KB)
  4. Full Year Consolidated Statement of Operations (13 KB)
  5. Explanation of Extraordinary Items (32 KB)
  6. Full Year Consolidated Business Segment Information (19 KB)
  7. Full Year Consolidated Geographic Segment Information (15 KB)
  8. Full Year Consolidated Balance Sheets (16 KB)
  9. Full Year Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows (14 KB)
  10. Marketable Securities (11 KB)
  11. Fourth Quarter Consolidated Statement of Operations (11 KB)
  12. Fourth Quarter Consolidated Business Segment Information (18 KB)
  13. Full Year Unconsolidated Statement of Operations (16 KB)
  14. Full Year Unconsolidated Appropriation of Retained Earnings and Other Capital Surplus (13 KB)
  15. Full Year Unconsolidated Balance Sheets (13 KB)

Part II: Explanation of Financial Results

  1. Overview (21 KB)
  2. Results by Business Segment (31 KB)
  3. Financial Condition (22 KB)
  4. Management Direction (24 KB)
  5. FY2004 Earnings Projections (15 KB)

Part III : Supplementary Information

  1. Forecast for FY2004 (32 KB)
  2. Exchange Rates and Employees (11 KB)
  3. Retirement Benefit Plan (15 KB)
  4. Environmental Accounting (17 KB)

Streaming audio for analysts' briefing

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