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Peripheral devices

Efficient working requires seamless interaction between your IT systems and users. Fujitsu delivers through a comprehensive range of intuitive, useful accessories covering human input, storage, connectivity, carrying cases, biometric security and multimedia. Mirroring Fujitsu’s overall design language, these products guarantee maximum compatibility across Fujitsu systems. This enables “one-stop shopping”, saving you time and money.

Escáner documental scanner-group

Fujitsu es un líder consolidado en el mercado de la digitalización de documentos que ofrece soluciones de captura avanzadas para varios escáneres.

Impresoras dl3750

Las Fujitsu serie DL son impresoras matriciales de 24 agujas ideales para usuarios que requieren una solución de impresión profesional.

Displays Displays

Enabling a convenient and efficient environment for office and home, Fujitsu offers the perfect display for every customer. Our models provide exceptional picture performance, ultra fast response times, excellent ergonomics and power saving solutions.

Accessories Accessories

A great variety of Fujitsu accessories is available to make the user‘s day. Data storage, carrying cases, multimedia, connectivity, anti-theft

Mainboards Mainboards

Fujitsu’s Mainboards offer an interesting multitude of features and functions.