Real-Time Integration for Delivering Global Dashboard and associated End-to End Supply Chain

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The more precisely you know when your customers will buy specific products, the better you can plan your production, shorten storage times and reduce costs. In the event of recalls, you must also be able to react quickly and interact with resellers and customers. With end-to-end supply chain intelligence, you can integrate and interlink customers, the supply chain and your production. You can then locate and track batches and products in real time, analyse root causes at the factory, machine and even component level, anticipate maintenance and manage your production process and equipment in real time. Once you’re equipped with such rich integrated knowledge, further enhancements in predictive maintenance, asset management, audit tracking and transaction governance are seamlessly possible.


 Intelligence and automation of your entire end-to-end supply chain
 Real-time monitoring and analysis of the current status
 Transparency and efficiency in the supply chain down to the component level
 Integration of customers, production and supply chain on one platform
 Fast interaction with customers, suppliers, resellers and partners
 Predictive maintenance and process optimisation for production to re-start with minimum impact
 Integrated asset management and audit tracking


  • Fujitsu combines rich communication services, IIOT cloud platforms and our consumer-centric E2E supply chain platform to help you optimally coordinate your customers, supply chains and production facilities. Consumers can use this to contact a brand directly. As a manufacturer, you can locate all affected products worldwide within a few hours in the event of a recall. At the same time, real-time sensors at the component level prevent more faulty products from entering the market. Learn more about this at our live demo, which visualises the real-time data of a factory, production lines and machines down to the component level and prepares this data for analytics and predictive maintenance.
  • With Fujitsu integrated Asset Management, you know exactly where your assets are – from consumables to valuables and perishables. With the help of 3D-HoloLens technology and the connection to the WorkOrder system, engineers can resolve incidents in real time.
  • With Fujitsu SMART YARD you can check your current productivity, identify process and plant problems, identify critical points and make corrections at any time on the basis of real-time data and KPIs. Automation is the key to efficient operation and increasing warehouse KPIs.
  • The Fujitsu Digital Facility Management system enables the energy management of corporate facilities connected to industrial control systems, state-of-the-art space utilization concepts with optimal booking and utilisation, secure access control concepts as well as the global visualisation of KPIs and their management and control.
  • Fujitsu GlobeRanger suite of tools lets you track almost any collection of assets. From RFID tags to Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, GlobeRanger can manage the devices in a central location and provide useful business insight into where the assets are and how this can help your business.
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