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Smart factories go beyond the pure automation of production processes. Factories change from a linear, sequential supply chain to a networked, open system of supply chain processes - the “digital supply chain network”. The availability and exchange of data to and from production environments in near real time plays an important role. Through the power of algorithmic analysis, data controls all processes, detects operational errors, provides instructions and can be used to predict operational and plant inefficiencies. In addition, it brings together distributed and loosely coupled automated manufacturing processes that can be controlled consistently and comprehensively by means of a centrally integrating design process. Secure and standardized communication in the digital supply chain network is of essential importance.


 Take your automation processes into your own hands - with manageable effort for implementation, maintenance and operation.
 Develop, manage and distribute your automation processes yourself and operate your production automation centrally in the cloud with SAP solutions.
 Get first-hand information: As a partner of DIN SPEC 92222, the standardization project for networked industry 4.0, we are actively involved in the definition of
 highly efficient edge/cloud infrastructures based on OPC UA and messaging standards. We contribute a great deal of experience and expertise from the latest
 EU projects within the Horizont-2020 research and innovation programme and are the technical coordinator of the Secure IoT project.


  • SAP Shopfloor Designer & Fujitsu INTELLIEDGE - Developing and Managing Automation in the Cloud
    In many manufacturing companies, automated manufacturing processes are widely distributed and loosely coupled. Instead of centrally integrating design processes, many rely on selective programming and configuration. The result is high coding and maintenance effort, especially in the automation layer. Each machine has to be programmed on site and the networking has to be set up locally. Fujitsu and SAP show how to do this more effectively in their joint showcase SAP Shopfloor Designer & Fujitsu INTELLIEDGE: Graphic support in the cloud is used to create automation models that are translated into executable configurations and distributed centrally. Automation processes are graphically configured instead of coded. This reduces implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Fujitsu Advanced Condition Monitoring
    Fujitsu Advanced Condition Monitoring uses and combines OT Condition Monitoring, IoT and Edge Computing in conjunction with SAP Leonardo to digitize and optimize production processes and creates an essential basis for the Smart Factory. A wide range of data can be collected, analysed, linked and monitored for warning and threshold values - from a variety of new and old machines, plants, processes, buildings and the environment. Historical trends and forecasts as well as events are logged and visualised locally. They can also be filtered, compressed and, if necessary, made anonymously available to the company's own central processing department or to customers and partners.
  • Standardization project for networked industry 4.0
    Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enable new business models based on networking, connectivity and customer orientation. To achieve these, you need to connect your isolated production systems to your IT infrastructure. This increases the risk of cyber attacks. Therefore, secure and standardized communication between machines and workshop equipment and the central IT infrastructure is required. Get to know our intelligent edge infrastructure solutions in a concrete IoT scenario.
  • Intelligent Edge - a secure and efficient bridge between shop floor and IT
    In order to increase the efficiency of the entire supply chain network, manufacturers need a holistic view of the production and business systems as well as pre- and post-supply chain processes. This requires that the production infrastructure be connected to the company's IT systems. The connection between OT (operational technology) and IT, of course, places special demands on cyber security and on the ability of the edge computing infrastructure to manage a wide variety of protocols and data formats as well as large amounts of data. In addition, this infrastructure and its software components must be able to be operated efficiently by OT and IT and take into account the continuous development of the production infrastructure. FUJITSU IoT Solution INTELLIEDGE A700 Appliance creates the connection between production infrastructure and IT in the company as well as to various cloud platforms in an increasingly distributed and networked environment.
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