Bring more efficiency to your production at all levels of the value chain

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In a fast, global and order-driven industry 4.0, you must be able to react to changes in external factors immediately and adapt your production accordingly – while always keeping an eye on efficiency. This applies to all stages of the value chain – from engineering, assembly and quality assurance to the entire supply chain and downstream maintenance processes. Experience how modern IT solutions and technologies from Fujitsu can help you at our live showcases.


 Holistic approach with solutions and tools for more efficiency across the entire value chain
 State-of-the-art high-performance technologies for complex data processing in real time
 Visualisation of correlations for quick decisions
 Support for human work through artificial intelligence
 Reaching our goal together – with co-creation and more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.
 Consulting, services and individual and flexible deployment models according to your requirements


  • In order to be able to quickly adapt your production to changing conditions, you usually have to perform complex calculations. With the Digital Annealer, Fujitsu offers a quantum-inspired solution that enables you to solve highly complex combinatory problems within seconds. See for yourself at a live demo as part of our Show-Case Industry 4.0.
  • In today's global markets, products are driven by complex supply chains and heterogeneous ecosystems. With Distributed Ledger Technologies you can document your production processes and make your product quality certificates forgery-proof. At our showcase, learn how we carry out a DLT-based audit trail with IOTA.
  • With the Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard, you can intuitively identify production problems at all locations in real time and make immediate decisions. It also provides tools to analyse hidden data and shows you the actual, current status of your operation.
  • Are you looking for solutions with which you can plan the optimum assembly and manufacturing process as early as the production preparation phase? We offer different tools for visualisation and simulation:
    • FJGP4D is a virtual simulator of manufacturing processes and production lines. It enables efficient process design, diverse evaluations and verifications on a virtual production line.
    • FJVPS is a digital tool that uses 3D data to design the optimal assembly process. Quality and efficiency are improved by assembly simulation on the virtual prototype.
    • With VisuaLine you can identify improvement potential in your production from large amounts of data and present the results in such a way that your employees can act immediately.
    • 3D-CHOJYO helps employees to identify manufacturing defects by overlaying product photos and 3D models
  • Quality assurance is a time-consuming and costly factor in production. FUJITSU Advanced Image Recognition is our high-performance, artificial intelligence-based image recognition system for quality control and non-destructive testing. You benefit from cost reductions, improved product quality and greater agility in adapting quality controls to new and changing product specifications.
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