Fujitsu at HANNOVER MESSE 2019

Quantum leap for your Business: Co-creating real innovations

1 - 5 April 2019, Booth E16, Hall 7

You are planning to connect and optimize your business along the entire value and supply chain? Introduce new business models? Make your production more environmentally friendly? You can experience how this works in numerous showcases, best practices and innovative technologies and solutions at HANNOVER MESSE.

For example, how to apply innovative concepts such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to traditional production processes.

This year's highlight: The showcase "Industry 4.0 - Digital Annealer" presents the quantum leap in the ad hoc solution of complex combinatory optimization problems - to be seen in a live demo using the example of production planning.

Secure your free ticket to HANNOVER MESSE and visit Fujitsu in Hall 7, booth E16. We look forward to seeing you.

Our highlights at a glance

Efficiency for Engineering and Production


In an Industry 4.0 environment, you are facing new challenges in terms of efficiency and productivity. Learn more about our numerous innovative solutions, e.g.

  • our Quantum-inspired Digital Annealer that solves complex combinatory optimization problems in a matter of seconds
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) that help to document processes in supply chains and manufacturing
  • tools for virtual process planning, production line and assembly simulation
  • solutions for quality inspection through artificial-intelligent image recognition and augmented reality during assembly.

Connected Manufacturing


A highly connected and complex manufacturing environment needs a standardized communication between machines and shop floor edge components and the central IT infrastructure. DIN SPEC 92222 is such a standardization project for a connected industry 4.0. Being part of it Fujitsu will explain the status of this project i.e. how to drive a highly efficient general edge to cloud architecture by applying an OPC UA framework and selected messaging standards. With INTELLIEDGE, Fujitsu’s Intelligent Edge infrastructure solutions, we demonstrate the implementation of such a scenario. Experience how, based on this approach, Fujitsu realises Condition Monitoring and Streaming Analytics. Do you want to get the most out of SAP Leonardo's innovation portfolio? And benefit from the best possible Internet of Things, machine learning and predictive maintenance, analytics and Big Data? We'll tell you how.

End to End Supply Chain


The supply chain is a critical factor in Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. With end to end supply chain intelligence, you are empowered to anticipate disruptions and make immediate adjustments. It enables you to locate and trace batch/products, root cause analysis at the factory and machines level, predictive maintenance and asset managements in real time. Get to know our comprehensive portfolio for the end to end supply chain including

  • Fujitsu GlobeRanger Suite for asset management
  • Fujitsu Smart Consumer Centric E2E Supply Chain including Rich Communication Services, IoT, SAP HANA, cloud platforms
  • Fujitsu IIOT Platform to include a number of industry solutions such as
    • Smart Factory Manufacturing for more intelligence in Manufacturing and Predictive Maintenance
    • Smart Yard dashboards for more intelligence in logistics
    • Global Dashboard to share, visulaise KPIS and its improvement through Co-Creation.
    • End to End Business processes integration of Incident management and its associated work order creations



Joint development is the most effective way for digital technologies to add value to your business strategy. In the Digital Transformation Center (DTC), specialists from your company come together with technology experts from Fujitsu and our partners to address a specific challenge in a team using our Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) methodology. So take advantage of our mobile DTC at HANNOVER MESSE.

Intelligent Mobility


Connected technologies are taking over vehicles - and revolutionizing the automotive industry. We give a solution to what "Mobility as a Service" and "Autonomous Driving" mean for production. Our special highlights:

  • the world's most secure Over the Air Update Solution (OTA), which helps you to remotely install all types of software updates into your fleet
  • Image Data Lightning, our industry-unique solution for compressing the volume of video data generated during autonomous driving by a factor of 1,000
  • Use cases with Fujitsu´s Quantum Inspired Digital Annealer in the automotive industry
  • What ’Mobility as a Service’ means when the value in the vehicle of the future is defined more by services and software than by automotive hardware.

Accelerate your digital transformation - also at HANNOVER MESSE

The FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center (DTC) is a space that unleashes your creativity. Here you can design your future with original methods and develop plans for digital transformation. Find out more in the video and visit our mobile DTC at HANNOVER MESSE.

HANNOVER MESSE 2018 highlights

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